Communist China’s Silent Espionage Plan Just Got Exposed in a Massive Data Leak…This Is Way Beyond Staggering

Communist China is the worlds leading threat, bar none. Though their military weaponry nowhere rivals that of the U.S., China’s countless military troops are like ants on a honey-covered hive. They’re endless.

Despite Communist China’s massive troop strength, this is not how they choose to play the game. Their military is defensive. They’ll only resort to that type of foolishness should anyone be idiotic enough to invade them first. Otherwise, not a shot will be fired.

For decades the Chinese have been embedding their civilian attired army of spies into world governments and businesses. And not just one here or two there by any means of the stretch. A recent data leak revealed, now hold on tightly, that somewhere in the vicinity of two-million members of the Chinese Communist Party are already embedded worldwide, with more undoubtedly to follow.

This revelation confirms how the CCP is indeed entering into their golden age of espionage. Their long-awaited goal of world domination is on the cusp of becoming fruition, and one word is all any of the previously positioned infiltrators need to ignite the final quick-burning fuse.

This is one gigantic data leak that is proving to be immeasurable in value. The leak contains a register of information on over 1.95 million Communist Chinese Party members. It shows their names, their positions within the party, their ages, national ID numbers, and their ethnicity since not all card-carrying members are Chinese. Bet ya’ didn’t think about that.

Hold on even tighter. The register further indicates that some 79,000 CCP branches are already in existence worldwide. Of course, they are not registered as business entities, instead, they are deeply embedded within global corporations. Major earth-shattering corporations.

Frightenly, the database also shows how a healthy portion of these commies are working in sensitive industries throughout the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

This includes holding positions with defense contractors, pharmaceutical giants, with special consideration given to those involved in the development of COVID-19 vaccines, and it should go without having to say, the financial industry.

Others are working their hearts out at their assigned diplomatic posts. or in the classrooms of America’s auspicious universities. And you wonder why your kids come home from college with screwy ideas. Wonder, no more.

Around 600 CCP members were discovered to be employed by banking monsters such as HSBC, some as senior ranking executives. Airbus, Boeing, and Rolls-Royce, throughout their long histories, have unknowingly hired hundreds of CCP members.

In 2016 when Boeing was a major defense contractor for the U.S. and Australia, they had 287 communist party members on their payroll. Hewlett-Packard is yet another unknowing victim. You know. The giant technology company that could turn the world off. They’ve been providing their benefits package to quite a few of them.

The CCP is heavily concentrating on Pfizer and AstraZeneca for their roles in developing COVID-19 vaccines. Almost as if the Communist’s planned the pandemic, they’ve shoved 123 of their members past both company’s HR departments and into jobs.

Professor of cybersecurity at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Matt Warren, said this comes as little surprise to him.

“What is of interest is that members of the CCP are working for defense and IT-related companies globally. One can only guess the projects they were working on and the information that has been sent back to China. This is a major security risk.”

Alex Antic, a South Australian Senator, said this should serve as a reminder to both countries and companies to remain vigilant at all costs. “The Chinese Communist Party operates with few boundaries when it comes to foreign interference,” he said.

“While it is hardly news that the CCP has agents of influence in Western nations, it is a timely reminder that the CCP, and their soft power body the United Front are alive and well and living among us.”

Indeed they are. They’re everywhere imaginable, and then some places. We as citizens must also practice vigilance. A good place to start would be by not buying into the liberal news media, who for all intents and purposes, are already operating under a heavy CCP influence. Prove us wrong.