Lindsey Graham Makes Bold Move and Calls Out Hunter Biden to be Investigated

The Democrats are the one group of people who seem to get away with just about anything they can put their minds to. Joe Biden has a crooked family, and many Democratic members of the House and Senate have gone from rags to riches in just a few years.

These kinds of things just do not happen to ordinary people unless there is significant criminal activity taking place.

Hunter Biden is one of those humans that seem to defy all the odds. The failed man who goes from a nobody to an essential executive board member is a corrupt gas company nearly overnight. The path to get him into such a position started shortly after his daddy became the vice president under Obama.

For years now, Hunter Biden has hidden beneath the shadows of his girl smelling dad. For the longest time, Joe Biden refused to answer questions about his son’s illegal affairs, hoping that the issue would go away.

The media certainly has not done any good to report on the corruption filling the Biden household. Twitter got in on the drama when they started banning and suspending accounts that voiced any whisper of Hunter Biden and the fraud that he was involved in.

The corrupted media and Democrats made it their mission to protect their liberal overlords from public scrutiny. While at the same time targeting honest men and women of the Republican Party.

Long before President Trump took office, he was targeted with one false accusation after another. For the years he was in office, the Democrats tried to unseat him as the president. The entire time they were involved in their own scandals and illegal deals, which were making them millions.

Hunter Biden was able to slip under the radar and hide behind his dad. But he cannot hide for long as Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina wants a piece of him. Hunter Biden made millions off of corrupt deals from his Ukrainian buddies.

Biden sat on the foreign gas company board because his dad used his vice-presidential powers to make it happen. That action is illegal constitutionally. Both Bidens should be locked up in jail. But because they are Democrats, they have been able to get away with murder behind the scenes.

Lindsey Graham stated that “If you believe a Special Counsel was needed to look at the Trump world regarding Russia, how can you say that there is no need for a Special Counsel regarding Hunter Biden?” He is calling out the duplicity of the way Democrats think that they are above the law.

Hunter Biden is facing tax evasion and other charges related to his bad deals and criminal choices. But Graham wants more. He wants to thoroughly investigate the international business deals that Hunter Biden made with his foreign partners.

Graham wants to know, “How far integrated into the Ukrainian economy did Hunter Biden get when he was on the board of Burisma? Somebody needs to look at his time on the board of Burisma. Somebody needs to look at his business dealings regarding China, to see if any crimes were committed. But mainly to see what kind of conflicts, if any, the Biden administration may have.”

The end game is to pin all wrongdoing on Joe Biden and his boy. Both of these men are up to the necks in corruption. The biased media was able to hide it all for a long time, but now it is seeping out into the open, and people want answers.

Lindsey Graham had stated that he and Biden were friends, but the corruption was too much. Someone has to answer for the double standard that both Biden’s are living.

An investigation into both men’s affairs with an intent to prosecute would be just what the doctor ordered.

Joe Biden still refuses to answer any specific questions about the accusations of his son Hunter. He still believes that the young man is innocent.

But as a Democrat, all he can see is the dollar sign at the end of the tunnel. This is why he still states that Hunter Biden is innocent and has never done anything wrong.