Vaccines are Working and President Trump Should be Praised

President Trump deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his work of peace worldwide and his intervention into the development of the COVID-19 vaccine that is already working to save lives. Operation Warp Speed is the program that made it all possible. The goal was to have several working vaccines by the end of 2020, and it all worked out thanks to President Trump.

For months the jealous Democrats would not even consider the possibility of success. But now that their blood is filled with the vaccine, they have no choice but to admit that President Trump is the pandemic hero.

The president even had the Center for Disease control yapping in his face telling him that his goal was impossible. But when the president opened the project up to the private sector, the American ingenuity won over, and things started moving forward.

Liberals think that only big government has the ability to make things happen. But their shortsightedness misses the truth that public involvement makes things thousands of times better for everyone.

The unbelief of the CDC Director Robert Redfield spilled out on the Senate floor when he stated, “I think we are probably looking at a late second quarter, third quarter 2021.” President Trump would fire back, “It was an incorrect statement. We are ready at a much faster level than he said.”

The liberals were so worried that the president was going to cut corners that they were crying like starving babies. The president put the best people on the project, and they assured the world that the clinical trials would be done before the rollout would take place.

The part of the project that was risky was found in the manufacturing of the vaccine before the FDA gave its approval. The risk was managed, and it paid off in the end as millions of high-risk people will be given the shots. The president enlisted six different companies to help with the making of the vaccine.

Just as soon as the FDA gave the approval, the president had his distribution network standing by. They immediately took the vaccine and shipped it all over the country. And it has since been given to thousands of people needing protection from the deadly virus.

The laughing liberals had to eat their words as they were told to get in line for their first shot. They learned that no progress could be made without assuming some risk.

President Trump took the bull by the horns and made way for thousands of lives to be saved. And there are more companies just about ready to be approved for use as well. The success of the president is still moving forward. But the best part is watching the liberals eat their words after all the negative remarks that they shoved in front of the president’s face.

The president was so successful that he does not think like a politician who cannot see behind their short sidedness. President Trump is a businessman that knows he has to manage risk to get things done in record time. He knew exactly what needed to be done safely because lives were on the line.

President Trump is no stranger to risk management and business success. He knew what needed to be done as he planned everything out. Politicians have a hard time seeing a path to success beyond what is normally done in the Senate chambers. But the people wanted a president that could get things done, and that is precisely what he has done for them.

President Trump knew that lives were on the line, and the old way of doing things would no longer work. There needed to be a new plan in place in order to rid America of the COVID-19 threat.

This president has done what no other person has ever done in the history of the world. He took an impossible situation and made it possible to be managed and ultimately defeated with the development of a vaccine. The Democrats owe the president their lives because he saved them by making it possible for companies to work quickly to make the vaccine available for all to have.