Pain Infliction is Just What Nancy Pelosi Does Best

Nancy Pelosi is the one liberal that seems to be getting ignored by the media. The extremely old politician is as hateful as she was when she first got into politics.

She is also the reason why it has taken so long to get COVID-19 relief aid to the American people. The truth tells the story that Pelosi seeks to hurt people because, in some strange way, she feels powerful when she witnesses others suffering in poverty.

Nancy Pelosi held up relief funds for months. Her greedy stature just cannot fathom doing anything else that would make the president look righteous before the end of the year. Pelosi wanted until the very end to push her sorry liberals in the House to come up with a bill that could be passed.

She deliberately ran the time down so the Democrats could force their corrupt agenda into law. The 5,000 plus page bill is packed with things that will hurt Americans and cause a lot of pain. She held out so no one would read the document before voting on it in the House chamber.

Pelosi inflicted pain and suffering on people by not resolving minor issues in a timely fashion. Many of her liberal buddies were fighting over just a few dollars and ideas that they want to see squeezed into the massive document.

The economic hurt that she caused people has led to some losing their homes and jobs. But for Nancy Pelosi, this is nothing more than a game.

After all, she has the untold millions that she has stolen from the taxpayers. She has her castles on the hills. There is nothing she stands to lose or gain from holding a bill in limbo.

Her actions were so hurtful that some reporters in the corrupt media asked what she is waiting for. She was acting like she had a significant purpose as to why she was delaying. But truth be told, she forgot what she was supposed to do.

Somewhere along the line, she was ordered by her secret bosses that nothing could be passed that would end up helping President Trump with winning another term in office. This bill that she has deliberately held up until now has been in the works for months. But when Pelosi is not feeling the hurt that all other Americans are going through-she is not motivated to act quickly.

The pile of bills that are sitting on tables across America is not getting paid until some kind of relief bill is passed. But Pelosi is the master torturer, and she loved watching the poverty-stricken in her kingdom be tortured for as long as possible.

It all was a political game for Pelosi and Chucky Schumer. Biden was the man that they needed to get into the White House any way that they could. And the only way they could do it was to cheat and hurt people. And they wonder why there are countries that are laughing at Biden because they cannot take the crazy man seriously.

President Trump held out the olive branch in peace months ago because he saw the hurt. He wanted to work with the old Pelosi, but she could not bring herself to do her job. And she wonders why there are younger versions of herself in the liberal party that want to see her removed from House Speaker.

She was inflexible and did not want any credit to go to the president for the passing of a bill. So, she waited until the very end and packed a bill full of liberal bombs just to get back at the president. She wanted to hurt the people one more time before she steps down in a couple of years.

President Trump still will receive the credit for any aid that comes his way if it is a bill that he can sign. If the bill is geared toward inflicting more harm than good, Pelosi can expect a massive veto to be stamped onto the front page. President Trump cannot honestly sign a bill that would violate his promise to protect America from threats such as Nancy Pelosi.