Fauci Continues to Lie About Immunity

There was a time when Dr. Fauci would have been considered an expert on the pandemic. But the more he opens his mouth, the fewer people are trusting what he is saying. Fauci says one thing about COVID-19, and then within a few weeks, he will mention something else. And all along the way, each statement contradicts what is being said in other reports and by the man himself.

President Trump has repeatedly questioned Fauci’s statements. And there were times when the president would make a statement that would be completely different than what the estranged doctor would have said. But now that Dr. Anthony Fauci admits that he has lied to the American people, no one is trusting a word the tiny man is saying.

The doctor stated that he had not told the country the truth about herd immunity. In his mind, he believes that the people are not ready for the information that he has. After all, Fauci must be an expert on what people can handle intellectually since he has mastered the art of lying about viral infections and other sicknesses around the country.

At first, he stated that 60 to 70 percent of the population would need to be infected and recovered to achieve the level of immunity needed to return things to normal. But now that the Democrats appear to be in control, he has changed that number to 90 percent in order to give them more time to control and destroy people.

If the 90 percent number is correct, which many are questioning, then the people should have been told a long time ago. But the fact remains that Fauci invented that number because people are getting back to normal, and that is not acceptable for the liberals wanting to continue to destroy their lives.

The very idea that Fauci thinks he knows what is best for the country is very arrogant. No one can trust an official that lies to people and changes his story when it fits the moment.

To make a statement about herd immunity and then change it the moment a political party takes over in the White House is to switch serving masters. He wants to give the Democrats the much-needed time to exhaust their abuse of the COVID-19 coverup.

This so-called doctor has also misled people about the effectiveness of wearing a mask. Early on in the in-pandemic phase, he stated masks did not really work, and no one needed to wear them. Many reports came out stating that only one type of mask was actually effective and could only be produced for medical professionals.

Behind closed doors is where most lies change.

In order to control people, the Democrats needed something to force everyone to do. And mask-wearing was their method of choice. Fauci came out months later and told everyone that they needed to wear a mask. And now, all of a sudden, everyone is required by the liberals to cover their pre-Islamic faces.

Dr. Fauci is also be told that he is a “national treasure” despite him lying to people. He is just like Andrew Cuomo, who deliberately infected the elderly in nursing homes and then told him he is up for an award for the way he handled COVID-19 in New York. The liberals ignore the sins of their own and make them out to be saints.

His liberal brethren see Fauci as a Trump hater, and that is why they like him. It no longer matters that he lies when he speaks or makes things up about the virus. As long as he does what his Democratic masters tell him, he will have riches untold.

The science behind mask-wearing dictates that they do not work the way Fauci now says they do. People that wear them religiously have gotten the virus. And now that the virus is on the way out, 90 percent herd immunity is needed before mask-wearing can go away.

The Democrats still have to deal with the courts every time they overstep their authority. Dr. Fauci is no longer the trustworthy man everyone thought he was at the start. And the only one fighting for freedom is President Trump, and he has promised that he will fight for law and order long after he leaves the White House.