How China is Brainwashing Its Youth to Hate America

Nancy Pelosi’s Radical Left Democrats and the Chinese communists have at least one thing in common: they both hate America.

The only question is which one is working harder to destroy it?

The great butcherer Mao Zeodong, the radical founder of modern China, killed over 45 million of his people during his reign as Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 1949 to 1976.

For any aspiring dictator, Mao is one of the best examples of how to turn your own people into monsters who are willing to kill their neighbors and anyone who stands in the way of pursuing an ideological cause.

While Mao Zedong’s recipe for achieving brutal success as a blood-soaked dictator started with violence, public executions, and the seizure of land, Mao soon realized that for any revolution to endure the revolutionaries had to win the next generation. In other words, their youth.

Enter: the Cultural Revolution.

A lot of the things in our daily lives that we take for granted are the stuff of “culture.” For example, books, phones, hospitals, schools, newspapers, organized sports, music, foodstuffs, clothing, statues, monuments, architecture, and just about everything else in our lives are artifacts of culture.

Mao would have agreed with Andrew Breitbart that “politics is downstream from culture,” because the river of culture under Mao ran with blood.

The communist butcher Mao Zedong completely gutted all vestiges of Western-influenced culture in China to restore a type of Chinese “purity” that only Mao could define (and whose definitely expanded and changed according to Mao’s whims).

What started with burning books expanded into mass executions of teachers, journalists, artists, doctors, engineers, and anyone else who could be perceived in the slightest as supporting Western values. The revolutionaries wanted to destroy what they considered all vestiges of Western-influenced imperialist culture.

The purge soon expanded to anyone who simply looked old or over the age of, say, 55, because it was suspected they were too invested in the old way of life.

Mao wanted to clean the cultural slate. So he killed everyone. He replaced it with propaganda.

To give his “cultural” agenda the gloss of depth, Mao distorted and prostituted ancient Chinese traditions in the service of his murderous revolutionary propaganda, which was to become the working Chinese culture for the next several decades.

To ingrain his evil communist message firmly into China’s landscape Mao recognized that he had to indoctrinate the youth of China.

While in Mao Zedong’s era, the Chinese communists used propaganda posters, re-wrote textbooks (or burned them entirely), and promoted Mao’s vacuous Little Red Book as the source of all wisdom, the communists in modern-day China have significantly advanced their propaganda tactics.

One aspect that hasn’t changed, however, is the CCP’s goal of brainwashing their youth with hateful propaganda.

While Mao taught his generation’s youth to hate their elders and Western culture, the CPP of modern-day China is teaching its youth to hate America.

If history is any guide, we can see where this is leading.

Along with traditional media of how China is using slick social media videos to “re-educate” its young people with a message that is blatantly more nationalistic than anything in recent decades, with dictator President Xi Jinping front and center as the godhead all must obey. Or else.

One episode of a popular kids cartoon propaganda video series called “Year Hare Affair,” co-produced by a CCP organ, features a bald eagle wearing an American flag scheming with cockroaches to create chaos in Hong Kong. Friendly Chinese rabbits show up to fight off the cockroaches.

When it comes to the brainwashing of its youth, the Chinese communists are like Jefferey Epstein: the younger, the better.

The CCP’s aims are clear for anyone to read in a document they published in November 2019, which reads “patriotism is the most natural and simple emotion of the Chinese. We must insist on starting from when they are babies, focusing on consolidating the roots, concentrating on the soul.”

Yes, you read that right: babies. Brainwashing in modern China is a cradle to the grave affair.

“We need to seize this critical period that determines and forms teenagers’ values and guide them so they can do up life’s first buckle,” Chinese dictator Xi Jinping crowed in one August 2018 meeting.

China is coming for their youth – and this time the enemy is America.