Gavin Newsom Has One Foot Out the Door – Getting Booted Out!

Gavin Newsom is the worst governor to ever sit in power in California. His decision-making skills and his reluctance to serve the people drive the push to remove him from his leadership position. Newsom lives like a king while the rest of the state of California burns under the pressure of neglect and tyranny.

Newsom has taken the terminology of insanity to a whole new level. The massive amounts of neglect and abuse that Newsom poured out on the people have made many of them hostile toward the monarch. They are to the point that their desire to kick him out of office is intense.

In order for the people to be able to recall their governor, the movement must gather 1.5 million signatures within a short amount of time. This means that a significant number of people must be willing to sign their name to an official form requesting a vote of confidence.

Once the 1.5 million autographs have been obtained, the state is supposed to hold a special election. This process would allow California’s people the right to vote on their governor’s ability to lead. If the election fails, Newsom will finish out his term. But if it is successful, he would be removed from office.

Kevin Kiley is a State Assemblyman. And he announced that the movement to bring down the tyrant reached a colossal marker in that they have been able to collect over one million signatures.

The number of people that have signed the form to recall Newsom has been gaining steam. Over 89,000 signatures were added since December 28. At that time, there were only 911,000.

People are tired of the insane decisions that Newsom has been making for the past several years. His decision to shut down power to millions of residents to stop forest fires made absolutely no sense. The decision should have been to institute a program to maintain the land around electrical lines in order to keep the fires from starting.

Newsom is also pushing to shut down more power plants in the state because he wants to cripple cities and keep people from being able to cool their homes. The state already suffers from rolling brownouts. He should instead be looking for ways to invest in renewable energy sources. But that escapes his simple-mindedness.

Newsom is living like a king. The much-needed signatures are pouring in because he refuses to put himself under the very laws that he subjects everyone else.

During a set lockdown, Newsom decided to attend a dinner at a restaurant in Napa Valley. It may seem innocent enough to let it go except that the restaurants were supposed to be shutdown. And what made things worse, he was found not wearing a mask. One of his rules was that everyone should be wearing a mask and social distance—none of which he has ever obeyed to date.

His efforts to keep the state closed up and on lockdown are infuriating enough people to put his job at risk. The campaign Randy Economy Senior Advisor stated, “While Californians were ordered to stay home during the holidays by Governor Newsom, the People have responded overwhelmingly to our recall campaign by signing the petition from the comfort of their own homes. This is a revolution.”

The liberals around the state and ultimately around the country are going to find out that they are not above the laws. They might think that they are because they get away with things. But the truth is that their actions will catch up with them.

The effort to recall Newsom is attracting some heavy donors as well. Prov 3:9 LLC handed the movement $500,000 to help with the cost of plucking the weed out of government.

Until March 10, 2021, the movement has to get the signatures needed to remove the despised governor. A judge extended the time frame an additional three months.

Gavin Newsom’s reign of terror is at an end. The question is whether or not he realizes that people are tired of him and his insanity. Socialism does not work in America, and it will never be accepted as long as Republicans hold people accountable to the laws of the land.