Biden Makes Wimpy Speech That Makes No Sense

The Democratic Party believes that its actions are righteous all of the time. They promote violent protests and support any group that is willing to express itself by looting and killing others. The moment that the police or others confront them for their behavior, they somehow try and turn the tables and blame the other party for their troubles.

Joe Biden polluted the air again with his lying breath when he tried to make sense of the riots that gripped the capital. His confused mind spilled out into his speech as he made the way down the paper. His remarks were full of rhetoric about how much he hated President Trump and why everything that is wrong in the world is somehow his fault.

Biden and his satanic followers must live in a blinded reality. A world where liberals do everything right and no one else can do anything at all. He and Harris feed off of the ability to blame others for violence that they promote and even endorse from time to time.

For the better course of a year, the liberal supported groups took to the streets and burned businesses, removed and damaged federal property, killed innocent people, attacked Republicans at every corner, and looted every business that they could get their hands into. And the moment the police show up to put a stop to the terror, they end up blaming the police for their troubles and demand that they be left alone to riot and terrorize people at their discretion.

The group that was protesting at the capital were Americans that wanted to make sure that their vote still counts. They assembled peacefully and made their presence known. But for some reason, a few people pushed the panic button and rushed headlong into federal territory.  And somehow, this is supposed to the mark of every conservative living in America.

Biden made accusations that not only split the country further but also targeted peaceful people. A woman’s death, arresting of 52 people, and other injuries were not enough for him. He had to pull at the idea that protesting for fair elections was the cause for the violence.

The protest was not the cause. It was the actions of a few selfish people that like to cause trouble that started everything.

But for Biden, he has to place blame on his opposition. The crazy old man calls for unity while at the same time promoting lies about the president and his supporters. The Democrats are acting like their past violent actions never happened. And now that they have an opportunity to attack conservatives again, they are taking advantage of it.

Biden’s speech was a call to all Democrats to come out in force. Somehow every conservative in America is guilty of terrorist actions. Biden sides with the criminals, and he promotes racial division as he tells people that the police are the enemy.

Speeches based on hate causes trouble. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are living on top of the world, thinking that they are somehow a special gift to mankind. And yet, their moral and ethical outlook on life is darkened and full of hatred for everything that is right.

Joe Biden and his henchmen followers refuse to admit that groups such as Antifa and BLM are causing massive amounts of chaos and damage to the country. When both of these groups enact their violent trends on people, there is not one Democrat that ever denounces their actions. But the minute a so-called conservative steps out of line, it is President Trump’s fault somehow.

The sadistic world of a Democrat does not see the terror that sits before their thrones. They only see what they want and reject the rest. This is the utopia that they seem to live in. Democratic leaders make rules and intentionally ignore them. And the moment they are confronted with the hypocrisy, they blame it on other people.

Democrats hate America, and they will do whatever they can to destroy the Republic. Republicans are the force that stands for freedom and the American way. And the only way to defeat the liberal tide is to stand for law and order.