Where’s the Outrage? Cop is Killed One Day Before Retirement

It’s a kill or be killed world we live in. Criminals are often armed, and they’ll shoot whoever stands in their way of freedom. They don’t care that they’ve broken the law. They’ll be more than happy to kill a cop if it means that they can avoid getting arrested.

This is the environment that cops have to navigate each and every day on the job. If they shoot, liberals go into a rage because they killed an “innocent” man. And if they don’t shoot, they risk losing their own lives.

There’s nothing innocent about a person holding a gun and shooting at cops before there’s been an opportunity to talk. If the person holding the gun has committed a crime, they’re not innocent.

It’s not just about guns, either. Criminals will do anything they need to do to avoid arrest – and as one cop in Hillsborough County, Florida learned, that also included ramming a police cruiser repeatedly.

Master Corporal Brian LaVigne was set to retire the very next day. The 54-year-old officer responded to a call in Brandon where a man had turned combative. The man in question was visited by the cops for the second time in one day. This time, the call was because he was naked and acting erratically.

The man, identified as Travis Zachary Gabriel Garrett, struck an officer several times. Then, Garrett jumped into his vehicle and fled the scene. The high-speed chase was picked up by LaVigne.

Garrett intentionally rammed into LaVigne at a high speed. Although deputies tried to attend to injuries and extricate LaVigne from the police cruiser, he passed away while on the line of duty.

These are the kinds of events that occur when police officers don’t fire their weapons after a person is shown to be combative. Liberals want to paint the picture that officers always have another choice.

The cops on the scene had tried to use a taser unsuccessfully on Garrett. It’s why he was able to flee the scene in his car. Had they shot him to prevent him from getting into his car, the liberals would have been up in arms, screaming that yet another “innocent” man was shot.

So, Hillsborough County officers thought that they’d do the responsible thing. They pursued him in the police chase. Only Garrett didn’t want to abide by the law. He didn’t want to be taken him. He crashed into the police cruiser with such force that he had to have known what he was doing – and a police officer died.

Where is the outrage? Where are the liberals to say that a police officer shouldn’t have to die in the line of duty?

There is no rage. The liberals find this to be acceptable collateral. At least a criminal didn’t die. No one was shot.

LaVigne had spent more than 30 years in law enforcement. He was supposed to work one more shift and, then, retire. Yet, because of trying to follow the rules, the officers didn’t shoot. And a man died anyway. Only, it was the cop and not the criminal, so it won’t warrant the same kind of outrage.

We have to change the dialogue around. We have to fight for the right lives. No one should ever die when there’s a disturbance that requires the police to show up. However, the moment the criminal starts to act erratically and avoid arrest, the police have to be able to do whatever the situation requires in order to protect their own lives.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff Office is investigating the fatal accident. Additionally, the squad members did everything to ensure that Garrett was apprehended. It has already been confirmed that Garrett has charges forthcoming.

Now, Garrett will also face more charges because he didn’t succumb to the law originally. Lives were lost because he didn’t want to talk to the police. Why can’t we just teach people that if you listen to the cops the moment they show up, no one has to get hurt?