The Push to Silence the Right is Getting Louder

You can only say what you have to say as long as it’s something that the left wants to hear. This is what it’s starting to be like in the United States. Otherwise, it’s censored.

The problem with that is that the First Amendment gives us freedom of speech. There’s no asterisk to say that it has to be accepted by one party. Say what you want as long as it isn’t inciting violence or is identified as hate speech.

Democrats are becoming louder and more aggressive when it comes to those speaking (and writing and posting and performing) on the right.

CNN is making big demands. They don’t care about what anyone else has to say. They want to ensure they’re the only ones talking. The far-left news network has spent years talking about Russian collusion and encouraging violence on the left toward Trump and Trump supporters.

If anyone is going to be the voice of the United States, it definitely shouldn’t be CNN.

However, CNN thinks they have some incredible pull in Washington DC and across the country to have their demands fulfilled.

They want OAN (One America News) and Newsmax to be blacklisted.

OAN has been on the airways since 2013. Newsmax has been around since 1998. They’ve seen their fair share of presidents. They’re not some pop-up news fad that can be silenced just because they’re talking about things that the far-left doesn’t like.

CNN wants to brainwash Americans. And when OAN and Newsmax are sharing a very different message, it can be confusing. Luckily, we have freedom of speech (for now). CNN has called for all of the major TV companies to take these two networks off of their bundles. Once that happens, they’ll target the streaming outlets.

When did CNN get to make such demands? Who are they to determine who gets a voice in America and who doesn’t? And where are our politicians to put a stop to such one-sided demands?

Being silenced is becoming more commonplace. Those that lean to the left feel as though they have the right to boot whomever they want. Amazon decided to delete Parler because they didn’t like what they were doing. Parler was instantly silenced – and so were the millions who were on it.

Okay, so what can be done to regain a voice?

All of these platforms with a right-leaning voice have to be independent of everyone who is of a left-leaning stance. This means servers, internet service providers, payment services, and more. It ensures that no one can shut down the site or the voices on the site.

Even if it takes time, it’s worth it. Parler’s CEO has said that they’ll be back. Even if it’s a year from now, it will be welcomed because it will be built on a fully independent platform so that it cannot be silenced again.

The right has to fight for a voice. Too many on the left don’t want to have conversations. They don’t want to compromise. They don’t want to work toward peace and fairness and equality. They want to take, they want to demand, and they want to rebuild the country to fit their new socialist ideals.

CNN has proven that they don’t care what people think. They have proven that they want to be the only ones speaking. They’re prepared to lead the cancel culture and make demands they have no right to demand. They’ve sunk low – and no one seems to be ready to stand up to them.

That’s okay. Let them make their demands. The right is strong. There’s a prize waiting at the end of all of this: the country and its democracy. If we’re not willing to fight for our ability to speak loudly and proudly, we’ll lose the U.S. as we know it and love it in the process.