Democratic Fun Parade Coming to Take Guns From Americans

It does not take long for power to corrupt. But when the power-hungry people are already corrupt, it will not be too much longer before they start to tear into freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. The insanity of the 117th Congress is already making headway into the history books. Even before the president can get out of office, they have proposed an outright attack on the right to bear arms.

Three crazy liberals representatives did not waste any time proposing a bill that would tighten the grip on people’s right to own guns. Bobby L. Rush is a liberal wanting to make his presence known early on. He has introduced H. R. 30, which is a bill that wants to “increase public safety by punishing and deterring firearms trafficking.”

His bill sets to rework the laws that are already in place that control gun trafficking. Right now, some laws dictate who can move firearms around the country and over international borders. These laws already require licensing and include punishments for those caught violating the laws regarding firearms.

But liberal Rush wants to change all of the existing laws. He seeks to redefine the conditions of how guns and ammo are moved. He wants to change the law to broaden what trafficking really includes.

Rush wants to take the established law that punishes gun dealers that transfer arms to people that intend to commit crimes to include a section that reads “reasonable cause to believe.” This opens the law up to liberal interpretation to brand people selling private guns to being liable for how any recipient uses the gun. If the government hates a person, all they have to do is brand them as a law violator under this law, and they go to prison for 20 years or more.

And what makes this Rush law really dicey is that any property associated with the transfer of weapons illegally would immediately be confiscated by the law. That means the federal government could come into a person’s home, brand them with weapon violations, and take their homes. These kinds of illegal seizures happen all the time in communist lands. Before long, all the realm is controlled by the wicked king.

Rush also wants to close the gun show loopholes that he believes are fueling the gun violence around the country. Except these people committing the crimes are not getting the guns from a show. They are getting them from illegal transactions in back allies and dark rooms.

Rush’s compatriot in arms is Al Green. He wants to close these loopholes as well. His part of the bill seeks “To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer.”

The third musketeer involved in rushing to the front of the line with bills is Sheila Lee. She introduced five more bills that would seek to do something to someone. Her five bills have no words yet, but she is putting her foot in the door for when she gets around to writing the content.

What is known about her socialist bills is that any and all firearm transfers to people who turned out not to be able to possess weapons would be reported to Congress. She also wants to see a seven-day waiting period for aby semi-automatic firearm purchase. And another bill seeks to introduce a federal licensing program. But as of yet, she cannot provide any form or substance to these awful ideas.

As usual, the Democrats are being cryptic and confused with the bills they are trying to cram down America’s throat. With the liberals having free reign in the legislature and executive branch, it is just a matter of time before they are able to do things that will clearly violate the Constitution.

The nutty liberals are already eyeing the one branch that can stop their reign of terror. The Supreme Court is the last hurdle that they must overcome. And their idea of packing the court to pass their laws is already on the table.