Wait a Second! Isn’t the Betsy Ross Flag Racist? Not When Biden Uses It

Back in 2019, the Nike corporation asked for a pat on the back because they put a stop to the creation of a new shoe. It had a Betsy Ross US flag theme but Colin Kaepernick deemed it racist and it was nixed. According to him, the flag has slavery connotations and is offensive. While many pointed out to him that Betsy Ross was an abolitionist, that did not matter.

Nike bowed at the altar of wokeness and that was that. Fast forward to the present day and now Biden is using the flag. Where is the rush to condemn him for this horrific act of racism? Now it’s not an issue because Biden is a Democrat. It was so predictable, we wish that there had been a way to bet on it.

“Remember when they said the Betsy Ross flag was racist? Now all of a sudden it’s not racist because Biden uses it…? I mean you cannot make this crap up,” shared Jordan Rachel. This is one of the truest statements that we have ever seen. Anything that is called racist today will magically not be racist tomorrow because the Democrats say so.

This is the way of the world and we cannot wait to spend the next four years pointing out all of the inconsistencies. For starters, who else finds it funny that the same people who spent all year ranting about the police are all of a sudden huge fans of Kamala Harris? It certainly doesn’t square with all of the rantings that were done about stripping the police of their funding, that is for sure.

They forget all of their principles as soon as someone that they like is given the chance to sit in the big chair. Harris was more than happy to giggle about placing parents in jail because of their children’s struggles with truancy. Those who used marijuana were also taunted by the long arms of the law.

Once Biden gave her the call, all of that rhetoric magically vanished and has never been heard again. Now, she’s a cool pot smoker who listened to all of the 2Pac and Snoop Doggy Dogg in college. Don’t try to check on those timelines, however. She would have had to be listening to their earliest demo tapes for that to be true.

When the other party engages in perceived pandering, it is the end of the world, though. Harris can pivot from mean old cop to fun-loving hippie and no one bats an eye. This is why there are so many people out there who believe that the liberal crowd is easy to manipulate. They have watched happen in real-time over the course of the past decade or so.

Obama and Biden are centrists in liberal clothing but that is not going to stop them from doing damage regardless. When half the country is willing to head back to brunch and act like there is no reason to care anymore, it sets the table for some pretty damaging rhetoric. The hypocrisy is at an all-time high and it is only going to get worse as this administration gets more and more comfortable.

Luckily, there are plenty of brave patriots who are willing to tell the truth and remain impartial. These are the people who do not jump to conclusions just because their party is the one that is going to benefit. They maintain the same level of thoughtfulness at all times and critical thinking is their strong suit.

Liberals, on the other hand? They are the first to cry foul when it suits them and they will do it again and again. Even when they are told that they are the ones who are wrong and are shown evidence, it does not matter to them. These are the people who are truly looking to shield themselves from harsh realities. Best of luck to them!