After Using the National Guard as Props for Their Own Vanity Pelosi Discards Them and Forces Them to Sleep Out in the Cold

TPUSA chief creative officer Benny Johnson spoke to a military source and they provided some very jarring information. During the lead up to the Biden inauguration ceremony, the military source told Johnson about the awful treatment that their battalion had received. Can you believe that these soldiers were asked to sleep on the floor in the Senate cafeteria?

After the ceremony was over, Biden had the soldiers moved into a parking garage. 5,000 soldiers were asked to share one bathroom and one power outlet for the duration of their stay. “MILITARY SOURCE IN DC: “For the last week my battalion has been sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria. Today the Senate kicked us out & moved us to a cold parking garage. 5000 soldiers. 1 power outlet. One bathroom. This is how Joe Biden’s America treats solders,” Johnson tweeted.

Over 20,000 troops were asked to protect the incoming president on Wednesday. The ceremony was a sham. No one wanted to bother to show up for it. Joe Biden offered up his usual slurring and stuttering and no one was enriched by his presence. He needed the massive military presence to ensure his safety, supposedly.

The man would like to pretend that we are living in some sort of banana republic but this is America. The amount of military presence was ridiculous and so was the way that the soldiers were treated. As soon as they were no longer useful to Biden, they were tossed aside without so much as a second thought.

Johnson’s source went on to say a bit more about the matter. “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressman walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed,” they shared.

The backlash was swift and severe. Americans wanted to know how these soldiers could be treated so shabbily after stepping up to the plate like this. Is this the precedent that Biden wants to establish? Kyrsten Sinema finally provided an update that served as too little, too late. She let Twitter know that the soldiers had finally been moved from the parking garage.

All of the National Guardsmen were welcomed back into the Capitol building. That should have happened from the beginning but we digress. Biden and the Democrats were the first ones to call out Trump for supposedly being unwilling to treat the soldiers well. They even resorted to believing unnamed sources when it was time to paint the picture.

Meanwhile, Biden is willing to ask tens of thousands of troops to ensure his safety but he can’t even make sure that they are given a decent place to sleep. His priorities are a bit askew, to say the least. Anyone who actually thought that the Democrats cared about the troops at all was given a very rude awakening. We are in for a long four years of backpedaling and lying.

We also hope that one of the reporters who is more interested in asking questions about the Air Force One color scheme takes the time to dig into this a bit. Biden needs to be held accountable for these decisions and he needs to be asked about them in a public forum. Otherwise, he is only going to continue to lie in our faces about how much he supposedly cares about the armed forces that keep us all protected on a daily basis.

The Biden crime family does not know anything about loyalty. He needs to start answering for these types of stories and we are tired of seeing a man who is pushing 80 years old getting treated like a spoiled baby. Enough of the coddling! It’s time for him to be held accountable. No one wants to spend the next four years watching him continue to disrespect our troops like this.