Biden’s Locking Us in with Insane Travel Bans

There’s a reason why the nursery rhyme, London Bridge comes to mind when we hear Biden’s latest travel bans. “Take the key and lock her up!” He wants to lock up Americans because he thinks that it’s the only way to get the pandemic under control.

Americans are used to freedoms. Biden hasn’t been in office a month and he’s already infringing on those.

He reversed the Muslim travel ban put into place by President Trump. Now, it allows millions of Muslims to travel into the country. Such actions could put the country in jeopardy of terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, Biden has decided to lock us away from much of the rest of the globe.

There’s a virus travel ban against South Africa, Ireland, the UK, and most of the European countries out there. The restrictions are rapidly expanding – and other countries will be added to the list throughout the week.

Whatever happened to the outrage? Are we not supposed to see the irony?

When Trump cut travel with China and Europe in March of last year, Democrats clutched their pearls and said that he was being hysterical.

Now, when Biden does it, we’re supposed to look the other way. We’re supposed to applaud his bold moves.

Biden promised that he’d get the pandemic under control. He swore up and down that Trump wasn’t handling it sufficiently enough and it’s because of Trump that we’re in the mess that we’re in now.

Guess what? Much of Europe is still struggling, too. No one knows the right answer. However, at least people had the ability to move around as needed.

Biden told Trump it was “hysterical xenophobia” when he made the travel restrictions. Biden, apparently, doesn’t believe he’s being hysterical nor is he a xenophobe. He’s being reasonable. Sure. That sounds legit.

Imposing travel bans means that people won’t be able to visit parts of the world where their families live. Students may find that they’re not able to travel to the colleges and universities where they’ve been accepted. International pleasure travel is a “no go” until Biden decides otherwise.

People are now forced to stop living their lives. Forget about wearing a mask and social distancing – this goes beyond playing it safe. People have been flying for the past year without getting sick because they’re following the protocol of the CDC.

What’s the difference between being allowed to travel to South Africa versus traveling to Los Angeles? It’s likely more dangerous to fly into California than anywhere else. However, we’re not supposed to be reasonable here. We’re not supposed to ask questions.

Biden wants to dictate where we can and cannot go. This isn’t a democracy. He speaks moderately and acts progressively. It’s hard to keep up with his ironic moves. It’s all too much to comprehend.

Joe Biden tweeted in March of last year that banning travel from Europe or other parts of the world won’t stop the virus. So, why do it now? Either he’s learning that Trump really did have things under as much control as possible or he wants to limit our travel because he’s a vindictive dictator masquerading as an average Joe.

Shouldn’t Biden be promising to combat the pandemic? Maybe he should be working on a better way to get the vaccines distributed than closing us off from the rest of the world. He can’t trap us in the country forever. If he thinks that the Capitol riot was bad, he hasn’t seen anything if he plans on taking the key and locking us up.

Trump had the right idea – focus on the vaccines. Biden may not want to hear it, but that’s where the solution is. Stop telling us that there aren’t enough vaccines when countless states have distributed less than half of what they’ve been given.

If Starbucks can get us a double shot soy latte, extra hot, in less than 5 minutes, vaccinating the country quickly and methodically really shouldn’t be a challenge.