Immigration Reform for Biden Means Illegals Running Through the Streets

The Democrats claim that people want to just make illegals in the country citizens. Joe Biden comes out and claims that he would be in support of such an idea. But the past few years have shown that polls mean nothing as it reflects the dynamics of the group chosen for the poll. Liberals love to falsify their polls, so it makes people think that the issue is something everyone is in favor of doing.

Biden thinks that Americans want to open borders and baptize anyone that comes across as an American citizen. His thinking is severely flawed and could not be further from the truth. His idea provides an incentive to people to break the law because they will receive amnesty instead of prison time.

His idea may sound like an easy way to clean up the mess that the liberals have created, but in the end, it will cause more trouble than good. And unless there is a fix put in place to keep it from getting this bad again, it will not do any good to grant such rights because it will attract more of the same.

This insane idea is nothing new. In 1986 the same idea was proposed and passed. Three million illegals were granted citizenship, but the law failed to provide any method of immigration enforcement. There was no punishment for companies that would hire illegals. And there was no attempt to plug the holes that were letting the illegals into the country in the first place.

None of the promises that were included with this sad law were ever kept. Law enforcement had their hands bound so they could not arrest and deport illegals. And that led to millions of people coming to the country illegally and weaseling their way into the dark places of America.

This surface approach to immigration does not work. It was also tried by George W. Bush and pathetic Barack Obama. These attempts failed because the previous agreements were never enforced, which led to people not believing what anyone would say about immigration. President Trump changed all of that when he enforced what he stated he would do. And it all worked out fine.

Biden’s idea is no different from the previous failures. He does not want to do what works because he does not want to face the music of people that believe illegals have a right to roam free. Amnesty is not the answer. And that is why so many rational thinking people are set against the idea.

To keep America safe from illegals, every person would have to do their part. Companies would have to stop hiring illegals. And those caught would have to face severe penalties.

Liberal governors and mayors would have to end sanctuary status for their regions. They would have to work with ICE to deport every illegal that was found in the country. And the court system would have to stop listening to places like the ACLU that cries about everything.

Biden is making a promise that will end up never coming true. He states that the illegals can stay unless they are felons. But this means that the sanctuary cities are going to have to give up their felons.

The bill that he wants to see passed seeks to remove the enforcement sections. He is already setting the bill up for failure, just like all the rest before this one. His bill also seeks to enslave illegals by making it legal for companies to hire them again. In a way, Biden is bringing back slavery just in a different form.

Biden’s immigration simply grants rights to people that should not have them. Illegals have already committed a felony by being in the country illegally. So, by right, they should all be deported and sent back to their crime-ridden countries.

President Trump’s approach was working. If left alone to complete it, the nasty liberals would have seen how right he was about the whole issue. He was set to secure the border and iron out the rest of the details that he needed to do in order to protect Americans from being hurt by illegal immigration.