Liberal Insanity Says to Mask Up With Two For Double Protection

The insanity of mask-wearing has become the satanic fad of the current administration. The Islamic love that Biden has to cover all Americans’ faces has led him to extend mask mandates onto all federal lands. But what is suitable for the people is not good for him as he has already been seen violating his own orders several times.

The science behind the mask just does not add up. Early on, the mask was to protect others from catching the virus from people that were sick. So those that had the virus were told to put one on.

But that was not good enough for the liberal. They decided to change their story and promoted that the mask would keep the virus from getting into the body. But that too was proved to be a lie since the virus is so small.

But that did not stop Biden from telling people that they needed to mask up. The latest lie is that everyone needs to where because so how healthy people can spread the virus. And yet, even though people are putting on the mask, they are still getting sick.

So, in Biden’s illogical wisdom, he has declared that people need to wear two masks at once to really stop the virus from getting through. The New York Times is the source behind such an absurd idea. The media has moved from the realm of socialism to seeing how many people they can get to believe the lie.

The Times reported that “Double-masking is a sensible and easy way to lower your risk when you have to spend more time around others – in a taxi, on a train or plane, or at an inauguration.”

The Times went on to promote the absurdity by stating that “But the fashion trend that most excited me was the double mask! Pete Buttigieg, the former presidential candidate and now the nominee for secretary of transportation was spotted double-masking. It appears he was wearing a high-quality medical mask underneath a black cloth mask. His husband, Chasten, was sporting a similar double-masked look, but with a fashionable plaid cloth mask that coordinated with his winter scarf.”

The Times took this fearful expression of one sick man to mean that everyone must do it. Because somehow the cultic practices of a man lover are the right course of action for everyone.

The satanic media priest stated that “We should all be thinking about the quality of our masks right now. New variants of the coronavirus continue to emerge, and one, in particular, is cause for pressing concern in the United States because it’s so contagious and spreading fast.”

The Times acts like a virus is something new. Everyone knows that a virus can spread fast. It does not mean that everyone should live in a plastic bubble and avoid getting sick.

The Democrats want people to believe that they need to mask up in their own homes. After all, the cookies that are spread by contact between boys and girls are highly contagious. No one home in America makes family members mask up in the house.

And then there is the notion that wearing the mask below the nose somehow invalidates the mask. Democrats tell people that they need to cover every hole on their heads to stay safe. If that were true, people would need to mask up to their eyes because the virus can spread that way.

The idea that double masks are required is the biggest joke yet. If one mask was never enough, then two masks will not be any closer. The joke of the century has just been published by a liberal run media giant that continues to lie to people that still subscribe to their reports.

Liberals will be seen walking around with two masks, and all sensible people will be breathing in the fresh air with no mask on. The mark of the beast has arrived. And the Satanic followers will be seen with two masks instead of none. Biden is the puppet, and the devil is in control.