WHO Protects China Now That Biden Has Rejoined the Organization

Communist China is working overtime trying to convince the world that the virus did not originate in the Wuhan region. They have gone to great lengths to expel American reporters, eliminating doctors that worked in the lab and control the content stories being published from within their borders.

The communist regime has even partnered with the World Health Organization to try and coverup the truth. Early on, the two powerhouses tried to coverup the outbreak by keeping it silent. But the virus was too quick, and people started to speak out.

When President Trump inquired about the virus, there was nothing given to him from the WHO or the Chinese regarding the virus. Both entities refused to release any information that would have been helpful in combatting the sickness. Everything was quietly buried in the depths of the Wuhan lab.

This led to President Trump pulling support from the WHO. The organization cannot be trusted to do its job any longer. They have lied about the virus, and as a result, millions have died and lost everything. The cowardly Chinese still refuse to admit their error because they want to protect their image than save lives.

The WHO got on its knees and begged to be taken seriously again. They stated that they would conduct a full investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. The very organization that lied to the world should not be the one conducting the investigation. They are just going to lie again.

Joe Biden made the biggest mistake of rejoining the WHO after he took office. Clearly, he does not understand the implications of what is taking place.

Michael Ryan is the executive director of the health emergencies side of the WHO. He stated that it is too early to pinpoint the exact starting point of the China virus. He is lying to the world because he knows full well that China unleashed the horror on the world.

He stated that “I think we have to say this quite plainly; all hypotheses are on the table and it is definitely too early to come to a conclusion of exactly where this virus started either within or without China.”

All one has to do is look at the facts that surround the origin of the virus. The first outbreaks were in China. Doctors and scientists that tried to speak up were eliminated from this world. No information was provided to other countries to help in the fight against the outbreak. The truth is that the Chinese let the virus out on purpose to see what would happen.

He stated that “Let’s step back, let’s follow the evidence, let’s follow the science. Our team is on the ground, they’re having a good experience working with our Chinese colleagues. We’re working through the data. The data will lead us to the next phase, where we need to go next to look at the origins of this virus.”

The data that he is looking at certainly is not the data that existed when the virus was released. Once everyone was eliminated from the lab, all the communists had to do was go collect the data and replace it with fake news. And what better way to cover up the truth than to have the corrupt WHO conduct the investigation into their partner and crime.

Ryan has even contradicted himself because late last year, he stated that it would be “highly speculative for us to say that the disease did not emerge in China.” He believed that it started in China, and now he claims that it did not start in China.

President Trump once stated correctly that “The world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government.” China is paying off the WHO, and together they both have lied to the world. Trump also stated that “China has total control over the World Health Organization.”

That truthful statement is happening right in front of everyone’s eyes—the WHO is exonerating the Chinese by publishing data that is made to prove their innocence. The original body of evidence is long gone, but the echo of the truth still points to the Chinese being the ones responsible for COVID-19.