Megachurch Pastor Warning Congregation About Life Under the Biden Administration and ‘Increasing Persecution’

Ahead of the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, Dallas First Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress warned congregants that things might get a lot worse before they get better according to The Christian Post.

According to Jeffress, who was a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, “savage times will come as people cast off all moral restraint and society begins to disintegrate.”

“Doesn’t that describe the time we’re living in right now when people have cast off the restraints that God has put into place?” Jeffress said, referencing the book of Matthew in his address.

“You see that all around you — whether it’s regarding gender fluidity, same-sex marriage, unrestricted abortion. All of these things are the result of a society that has thrown off God’s restraints.”

The First Baptist Dallas senior pastor went on to say that the same  “unspeakable things” that were once condemned in the strongest terms are now “celebrated.”

“If you’ve got the culture celebrating while the Church is condemning, you know what that produces? It produces friction,” the 65-year-old reacher said. “There is going to be pressure whenever the Church condemns what society is celebrating. And I believe that’s what we’re going to see happen very, very quickly over these next four years.”

Jeffress detailed exactly what he believes the Biden administration will do, including promote “the right of people to choose their own gender and choose the gender of their children,” and possibly empower the government to “go after organizations that refuse to celebrate their expansive view of marriage.” He also fears that the government will support “the slaughter of an unborn child for any reason.”

“So when you’ve got an administration, a government, that is celebrating what God has condemned, and the Church condemning what they are celebrating, ladies and gentlemen, there’s going to be friction,” he repeated. “There’s going to be pressure. There’s going to be persecution.”

“We need to be ready for the fact that there’s going to be pressure, governmental pressure, to restrain our ability to preach and teach the eternal truths of God’s word without consequence,” he continued.

While the Texas pastor was one of Trump’s first outspoken evangelical supporters in 2016 in the Republican primary, he has also spoken against the protesters that charged the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, saying that the violence there was carried out y “despicable human beings” who need to be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”

“They weren’t doing God’s work; they were doing Satan’s work,” he said. “I denounce it with every fiber of my being.”

That resistance, however, should not be misconstrued as a diatribe against free speech, which is something Jeffress is firmly in favor of:

“Once you allow the government to start controlling speech, it’s not a very long trip to the persecution of the Church at all,” he stated. “We need to get ready for it. It is coming.”

The pastor was clear, however, that God is still in control and not stressing over Biden’s installation into office:

“There was no panic in Heaven over the election,” he asserted. “There is nothing that happens outside the sovereign plan of God.” Jeffress went on to point out that God often uses “imperfect people” to carry out His will.

“We’re to pray for Joe Biden, and we’re to pray for Kamala Harris, and we’re to pray for every elected official,” Jeffress said, adding that the most important thing Americans can pray for in the political arena  is that government leaders “would leave us alone to practice our faith.”

“Many people are concerned about the future and what this … new administration might mean to us,” he said. “You are in the grip of God if you’re a Christian, and no election is going to change that. God has a plan He’s working out, and that plan is for your good.”