What? Is This for Real? Kamala Tells Coal Miners Fired by Biden They Should Start Clearing “Land Mines” (Video)

Biden and Harris have already laid waste to thousands of jobs and they have barely even gotten started. The Keystone XL contract was canceled, putting many out of work. Did this dynamic duo have a plan for what would happen next? We already know the answer to that one. John Kerry is also a part of the group that is looking to attack the energy sector.

Kamala Harris is supposed to be saving the day but that’s a laugh. Now that she has decided to do an about-face and become one of the woke crowd, she’s been falling all over herself to appear progressive. Apparently, these ousted workers are not going to have anything to worry about because they can simply clear out land mines instead.

Yes, you read this last sentence correctly. Harris wants to send them off to West Virginia, where they can spend their days hunting down abandoned land mines. “All of those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned land mines,” she said. The Washington Examiner shared a tweet with video in case you do not believe us.

To be frank, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. It’s insane behavior and this is exactly what was warned against when these two were able to successfully swipe the White House. The predictions that we made did not need very much time to come true. If this is what we are dealing with during week one, we are terrified to think of what comes next.

When politicians are allowed to steal elections out in the open, they are only going to be emboldened in the future. Biden, Harris, and Kerry are taking a blowtorch to the American working man and they expect to be praised for it. Anyone who has the misfortune of being exposed to wannabe progressives on their social media feeds has seen it.

The Keystone XL pipeline news was met with lots of cheering from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Thousands will be without jobs so that Biden and company can enjoy one of their trademark symbolic victories that is not actually going to help anyone. As long as they can get a few retweets out of the decision, that’s really all that matters to them.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is severely deluding themselves. The Democrats do not have anything resembling a plan when it comes to creating jobs. They want everyone to be dependent on the government in order to survive. That’s why all of their plans revolve around taking away jobs and keeping people waiting for mythical checks that never actually arrive.

These are the people who had so much about the previous president but all of his plans were solution-oriented. The Democrats would rather offer ideas that are not designed to keep Americans working. Biden is going to fail to keep every single one of the promises that he has mentioned so far and the only ones who are going to be surprised are the lefties who voted for him.

They thought that they were getting a big stimulus checks and cushy subsequent payments to stay home for a year. While Biden’s commitment to getting people back to work is impressive, it’s not going to mean all that much if all of the jobs are gone by the time they are all vaccinated. This isn’t something that Biden and Harris have to care about.

All they need to care about is making their imaginary voting base happy. Without the woke crowd supporting them, all of their power vanishes. We just hope that they are ready for what is about to happen. Sleepy Joe wants everyone back to work, despite what people may think. He’s not that all different from his Republican counterparts in that regard, after all.