Biden to Murder Babies by Ordering Taxpayer Money to Fund This Atrocity

Joe Biden is classified as the illegitimate President of the United States. So far, he has successfully avoided having to work with the split Senate and fractured House. He has surpassed the number of executive orders given by any president before him. Had he been a Republican president, he would have been attacked by the liberals. But the fact that he is a mental liberal earns him a pass card from having to answer for his illegal use of the pen.

Several of his orders have zeroed in on providing some healthcare aspects that were eliminated by former President Donald Trump. The things that Trump removed from the law were those things that led to the funding of murdering babies domestically and internationally.

Two of the orders that Biden signed since he has been in office deals with federal agencies having to open up enrollment into the Affordable Care Act and allowing taxpayer money to be used for international abortion funding.

The enrollment period he would like to see for people is from February to May. He wants to push people like Obama to sign up for an insurance program deemed illegal by several courts. Donald Trump had to get the illegal parts removed that forced people to sign up or else face stiff fines.

Joe Biden’s decision to force Americans to pay for abortions in other countries is in direct violation of a policy around Ronald Reagan’s days. But every time a liberal gets into the White House, they remove the restrictions and allow the money to fund murder around the globe.

Biden and his murderous staff say they support “sexual and reproductive rights” for all people. These people are found “in the United States, as well as globally.”

Biden continues to show that he has no plan for America as he continues to undo the “damage” that he claims President Trump did to the country. The only damage that Trump did was actually to save the lives of the unborn. The little babies need all the help they can get to keep from being murdered by the lying liberals.

Phil Mattingly stated that “Biden, after signing the health care exec actions in the Oval Office: ‘We’ve got a lot to do and the first thing I’ve gotta do is get this Covid package passed.” Mattingly points out that Biden cannot get his act together and finish what he starts because he continues to executive order his way into the record books.

Jessica Anderson came out and stated that “This is another divisive effort from the new administration that flies in the face of their rhetoric on ‘unit’ and promotes the extreme agenda of the abortion lobby over the priorities of the American people.”

Biden cries for unity and a push for people to work together, and yet he continues to divide the nation. He does this by not working with Republicans in the House and Senate. And he divides the country by issuing orders that are lopsided in favor of broad socialism.

Joe Biden came out and said that “Today, I’m about to sign two executive orders…to undo the damage that Trump has done.”

There was no damage that was done to the United States by President Trump. The only thing that Trump did for the country was to make it a great place to live. But Biden seeks to undo that greatness and return America to the dark ages of liberal control and debauchery.

America was great when Donald Trump was in the White House. Every order and bill that he signed was for the good of the American people. The security of the country and prosperity of the people were always on his mind.

The liberals and Biden continue to betray the people because they are opening the country to illegals and removing the barriers that were put in place to protect freedoms and the happiness of legal residents. Biden’s orders to fund murder in other countries are another way he seeks to divide the country and interfere in other sovereign countries’ internal affairs.