Biden’s Lies are Piling Up and the Internet is Calling Him Out

Joe Biden ran on a platform of promises. He promised that he was a moderate Democrat who wanted the best for Americans. He promised that he would work with Congress to create legislation that was bipartisan. And, he promised that Americans would see a $2,000 stimulus check if the Georgian Democratic Senators were voted in.

Well, Biden lied.

He’s not moderate. His progressive actions have shown his true colors.

He’s not working with Congress. His long list of executive orders proves that he wants to work alone.

And, we’re now into February with no third stimulus check anywhere in sight.


It’s a great hashtag that’s trending across Twitter – and it’s more accurate than many even realize.

Considering that Twitter usually loves to shut anything Republican down is proof that even those at Twitter are waiting for their next check.

This isn’t a partisan issue.

Republicans and Democrats alike want the check that they were promised.

As of right now, the only economic help that has been given to Americans from the pandemic came from President Trump. Since Biden has stepped into the office, he hasn’t helped anyone. With all of those executive orders he’s written, you’d think that one of them would be to honor his promise. However, Biden lied.

This is what Americans have to face. They elected a liar. He’s a big, fat liar – and he’s lied about so much more than just a third stimulus check.

The Democratic Party tweeted over the weekend that Biden will be building on the $600 “down payment” that was provided by Congress at the end of 2020. That would mean $1400 to everyone – resulting in a total of direct payments of $2,000 per person.

That’s not what Biden promised, though.

Biden’s exact words were “If you send Jon and the Reverend to Washington, those $2000 checks will go out the door.”

A check for $1400 is not the same as a check for $2000.

While many GOP members of Congress will argue that there’s no need to send every American that kind of money, there’s still the fact that Biden lied.

And the GOP is right. Many people kept their jobs. Many people have not had any kind of economic setback because of the pandemic.

However, a president should be able to be trusted for his word. Biden promised $2,000 checks – and now he’s going back on his word.

How many people voted for the Democratic Senators in Georgia because they trusted Biden? They wanted the check more than they wanted the Democratic Senators.

Biden lied in order to gain a Democratic majority in Congress.

Many users on Twitter erupted over the post by the Democratic Party, demanding to know what the “down payment” was. Many demanded to know why lies were used to make it through the Senate election cycle.

It’s no wonder that the #BidenLied hashtag is trending so furiously. And Twitter can’t even stop it from trending because it’s the truth. They can’t hide behind their terms and conditions because it’s not violating them. Biden lied, and even CEO Jack Dorsey himself can’t help to keep Biden from trending.

Biden believes that his American Rescue Plan will “dig us out of the depths of these crises.”

Ha. He’s been a millionaire for so long that he doesn’t have any kind of grasp on reality. He has no idea what the average American family struggles with. $1400 is not the kind of money that can help anyone, especially those who have lost their jobs and are struggling to put dinner on the table.

Each and every decision that Joe Biden has made since Inauguration Day keeps Americans further and further from getting out of the crises. He’s put immigrants first. He’s ended thousands of jobs. He’s denied people the promised stimulus amount.

The cold, hard truth is that President Joe Biden is a liar – and the Twitterverse has called him out on it.