Biden’s Mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, Continues to Perpetuate the Lies About Obama/Biden Era Images of Kids in Cages

Jen Psaki has done nothing but lie ever since Biden gave her the chance to do so. As the mouthpiece for the new administration, lying is just part of her job description. In her latest lie, she claimed that history as we know it is not true. Biden and Obama never ever kept children in cages. Why, it was all Trump!

The mainstream media and Big Tech are in on the lying, too. They have a shared desire to rewrite history at the moment. If they can portray the Democrats as the kind and gentle party, they will feel vindicated. Director of US Border Protection Mark Morgan visited Newsmax, in hopes of clearing up the ridiculous comments from Psaki.

The Obama administration started these policies that they claim not to like but that’s not the story they want to sell to the American people. The Gateway Pundit reported on this last year. Most Americans are blissfully unaware of the fact that Obama bragged about putting children in cages. He felt that it was an effective form of propaganda!

This is not what the anti-Trump brigade wants people to believe. They are of the opinion that Trump and Trump alone is responsible for all of the policies that they do not like. Obama’s policies need to be taken to task but Psaki is trying her best to serve as a human shield.  Director of US Border Patrol Mark Morgan is fed up with the nonsense and he is taking direct aim at the new president.

“Everything she just said was spin!… Just in a couple of weeks, he’s decimated our ability to secure this border,” Morgan declared. Children will remain in cages and the border will remain unsecured. It’s like they are determined to make it look like they are doing something….without actually doing something.

This is going to be Obama part two and we all have to live through it for the next four years. Biden doesn’t seem to have learned from the mistakes of his predecessor and maybe he doesn’t want to. After all, he looked dead in the water during the primaries. All of a sudden, Obama got active and put in the necessary calls to clear the path for Biden to get to where he is today.

Perhaps Biden feels a certain sense of loyalty and wants to make that all of the policies of old remain in place. Either way, they are actively working to make life harder for the brave men and women who work tirelessly to secure our borders. Are they ever going to be willing to answer for that or will they continue to send Psaki out there to deflect all of the rightful questions?

We already know that it is going to be the latter. Biden has gotten his way on just about everything that we can think of so far. Why would he feel like stopping now? There is no real motivation for him to change his way because the mainstream media will carry the water. Their distaste for Trump has led them to a very dangerous place.

Psaki can only serve as the human shield that they need her to be for so long. Eventually, Biden is going to have to speak for himself. We all know how that goes, though. He will just recite whatever is being said into his earpiece and that’s about all we are going to get. There’s no real thought going on there.

Jen Psaki should feel some small measure of remorse for blatantly lying but the Democrats don’t do accountability. They say whatever they think will get people on their side at that moment and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a dangerous mindset that is sure to burn them eventually. No one tells Sleepy Joe that, though. He is too busy working furiously to undo every single Trump administration accomplishment.