Adam Schiff Seeks More Power Despite Being Completely Inept

Liar. Cheater. Instigator. There are many words to describe Adam Schiff. Here are a few more: power-hungry, egotistical, and arrogant. Yet, he thinks he’s the hero that California and maybe even America needs right now.

Adam Schiff has been representing the 28th district of California since 2013. Prior to that, he was representing the 27th district. He’s had more than 20 years to make improvements for the people of California.

Within his district, there are plenty of people of color. When compared to other parts of California, his area doesn’t have the same impressive median household income. To say that Burbank and the rest of his district are struggling is an understatement.

Why is that?

Schiff is the epitome of a career politician. He focuses on collecting his paycheck in DC as opposed to earning it from the respect of those who vote for him.

He’s been spending too much time kissing up to Nancy Pelosi. He’s been working hard as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee – ensuring that “intelligence” is more of what he says as opposed to depending on real facts.

Schiff has managed to waste the education that he got at Stanford and Harvard. He has done very little to help those in California – and it’s why there’s a mass exodus in the state. People are tired of the liberal BS. They’re over it, and they’re over people like Schiff.

The problem is that Schiff has decided that he’s not ready to let politics go. As he nears his 61st birthday, he should be thinking about retirement. Instead, he’s considering exploring even more power. You could say that it’s actually that he wants to help – but he has had over 20 years to help. He just wants a more impressive title and a bit more money in his account.

Adam Schiff is lobbying to become the Attorney General of California. After all, if Kamala Harris used to hold the title and she’s now the VP of the U.S., there’s hope that he could end up in the White House one day, too.

As if Schiff needed permission, it’s already said that Pelosi has given her approval of his bid. However, it would mean that the Democrats would temporarily lose a seat in the House. They’d still have the majority, and since Californians don’t learn from their mistakes, they’ll have it filled with another inept liberal in no time.

Now, is this move the final one for Schiff? Absolutely not. He wants to position himself in a more effective way so that he can run for Dianne Feinstein’s seat in the event that she chooses not to run for reelection in 2024. Considering that she’s already 87, most are anticipating that she’ll choose to resign in 2024, leaving it wide open for the taking.

Adam Schiff, of course, became one of the more high-profile Democrats when he led the Russian investigation during Trump’s presidency. More specifically, Schiff was the one who magically had a whistleblower who would only speak to him. It was his way of feeding false information into the impeachment case. It’s ultimately why the House impeached but the Senate did not convict.

Whether Schiff becomes the Attorney General for the state of California or he grabs Feinstein’s Senate seat, it would give him more power. It would allow more criminals to run free in the state and throughout the country. It would even allow more sanctuary cities to protect criminals that have proven that they will not follow the laws of the country.

Schiff has spoken – he wants power. And no, he doesn’t want to continue to be groomed for taking over Pelosi’s position as Speaker of the House. He’s determined to make his own name in American politics – and at the age of 61, he really should be thinking about retiring to the beaches of Malibu or something.

The country does not need another liberal wanting to prove how liberal he can be. We most certainly don’t need Adam Schiff gaining more power in the political system.