First, Obama Phones and Now, Biden Internet

The Democrats have a tendency to give away anything and everything in the name of equality. Obama was famous for doing it during his eight years of presidency – handing out cell phones to those who were homeless and on Welfare.

The “Obama phone” was part of the federal Lifeline service that gave individuals with low incomes not only smartphones but also free minutes and data.

While having a phone and data helped individuals to get jobs and stay on top of things, it was more about the quality of the phone. Many who were on Welfare were walking around with the latest iPhones while those who were working blue-collar jobs still had flip phones.

It’s one thing to offer assistance and another to go above and beyond.

Not to be outdone, Biden has decided that he needs to enhance the lifeline being offered.

The goal is to get low-income families online. This is an admirable goal. It’s needed, especially when there are so many remote schooling needs.

Throughout various parts of the country, there aren’t broadband connections available. Even if a person wanted to pay for the internet, it’s simply not available. As a result, students who either don’t have access to the internet or cannot afford it are not able to log into schools.

Joe Biden’s working with the FCC to get low-income families online.

Only the low-income ones. Forget about those who have the money but have been told that they cannot get internet because it’s not available in the area.

Only now that the low-income families can’t get internet is it showing up on the radar of the Democrats.

The FCC isn’t looking to suddenly add broadband lines or encourage companies like AT&T and Comcast to add new towers. Nope. The only thing they’re concerned with is making the existing internet more affordable to those who are on Welfare.

The FCC is looking to expand on the e-rate, which gives discounts to schools and libraries.

Now, what the Democrats want to complain about is that the low-income families don’t have what they need to get their kids connected to the school.

That’s not entirely true, though.

Thanks to the Obama phone program, most low-income families already have smartphones that will connect to the internet – along with unlimited data. Most schools will also send laptops or tablets home with students that don’t have the necessary technology.

From there, parents can choose where their kids will connect. It’s possible to set up a hotspot from the Obama phone to give internet. It’s possible to get the internet from a local library, too.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

The reality is that some parents aren’t prioritizing their children’s education. Yet, the Democrats will hand over yet another service. Oh, and they’re doubling the speeds at no extra cost.

Meanwhile, families who aren’t on Welfare and who aren’t categorized as low-income have to make do with basic internet speeds.

According to a fellow at Georgetown’s Institute for Technology & Law Policy, Gigi Sohn, “ “It’s a social justice issue, it’s an economic issue, it’s a health care issue, it’s an education issue, it’s a democracy issue.”

Yes, in today’s day and age, everyone needs broadband internet access. Everyone.

If it’s something that everyone needs, let’s make sure that it’s distributed fairly.

Let’s work on getting the connections to those who can’t access high-speed internet. Let’s work on getting one price for everyone.

While some families are having to spend $100 or more on internet services, others are now going to get it for free because the Biden-Harris administration has decided that it’s needed.

Where is the cut-off? When does it end? Those who are on Welfare are never going to want to get off when they continue to get better than what the average American household has to work for.

Hardworking Americans are scraping by to pay for basic internet and those on Welfare will get not only free internet but high-speed internet. Combine their Biden internet with their Obama phone and they’ll never want to get a real job. Why would they? They’d lose so many benefits – and that’s why there will always be economic issues and social justice issues. Democrats continue to enable with too much for free, regardless of whether there’s a reasoning behind it or not.