The Truth Obliterates AOC with One Huge Blow Back – She Lied!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lied about what actually happened to her during the Capitol Building invasion. She tweeted that she was under attack and threatened with death as crazy people ran through the building destroying everything in sight. But what actually happened was a completely different story. It was discovered that she was in a completely different building, and not one protestor ever made their way down her hallway.

Her office is several buildings away in another section of the area. She has to walk over six-minutes just to reach the capital building. Her “near-death experience” was all made up because she wanted to appear to be a victim in a legendary invasion on federal property.

AOC tweeted that her life was in danger and that the protestors were threatening her. But the only person she was afraid of was a police officer that came by to protect the liar and her staff. The Democrats hate the police because they have bought into the lies that the cops are the enemy and all the felons are the victims of hate crimes.

The little socialist made her followers believe things that never happened. Her failure to tell the truth of events is forcing people not to believe things that she says. No one is going to believe a liar when it comes time to support and vote for a bill. They will do the opposite because their voted representative cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

The witchy Ocasio-Cortez lost control of herself and blew up the event into something that was unbelievable. The building that she was located in was the Cannon building. And there is not one shred of evidence that an invader ever set foot into that area. The Cannon building was actually put into lockdown before any building was ever breached. No one could ever have even entered the building if they wanted to.

AOC was exposed as a liar by Nancy Mace. The Republican from South Carolina has her office two doors down from AOC. And she stated that there was never an invasion or threatening moment in their hallway or building.

AOC hated that Mace ratted her out for making up a story about what really happened. Ocasio-Cortez flipped out and stated that Mace’s account of the event was a “deeply cynical & disgusting attack.” It was only disgusting to  AOC because it hurt her attempt to politicize the invasion for her own gain.

Ocasio-Cortez is the master of the hurt puppy look. Her pictures at the southern border showed that she is able to fake the hurt look just to make a point. And now that she is exposed as a liar, she is trying to push the hurt card on Mace and brand her as a cynical politician. But all she did was tell the truth.

AOC made a ton of inconsistent statements. She put them out in rapid succession, hoping to bury the confusion and lies that came out of her mouth.

The media uses the same tactics when they need to hide something. They tell multiple versions with the intent of coverup what was actually stated.

The sad moment of the lie was when AOC tried to make the police out to be the wrong people. All they were doing was trying to protect the people that they are tasked with protecting. When AOC published that the cop that poked his head into her office to protect them was threatening them, it made the police look like they were part of the riot.

Ocasio-Cortez is just upset that Mace popped her balloon. The storyline that AOC was passing off to her voting base was punched full of holes. Mace was not about to remain silent and be a part of the lies that AOC was saying about the invasion that never happened.

Democrats cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Their members make up stories that are not true. And they maliciously attack the people that protect them and actually tell the truth.