Men in Women’s Sports Rob Girls’ Opportunity to Compete Fairly

Here we go again. The country we love has gone off the rails. The people in charge are mandating that if a person wants to pretend, we must pretend with them.

We’ve already seen the bathroom blitz divide the country when North Carolina mandated that a person must use the bathroom assigned by the designation on their birth certificate back in 2016. That mandate was subsequently thrown out, allowing a full-grown man to join your 5-year-old daughter in the lady’s room if he identifies as a woman.

Arguments have been started by simply using the incorrect pronoun when addressing a transgender person, nevermind questioning which restroom is appropriate.

It goes far beyond bathrooms and pronouns, though.

Now, we find biological male athletes competing in women’s sports.  This creates an unfair advantage for the athlete due to biological differences, but we’re not supposed to say anything. When a 6 foot tall, 165 lb “Woman” wins the race, we have to ignore her Adam’s apple and muscular frame. We must ignore the physiological differences that led to her victory. It’s a perfectly fair contest because she identifies as a woman, and therefore we must pretend she is. Never mind the testosterone and male characteristics we can plainly see, never mind the unfair advantage.

Consider the race run in Connecticut in 2019. In this particular race, of the top three finishers, 2 were transgendered males. They placed first and second, leaving the 3rd spot for a biological female. How do you suppose she feels, standing on the podium to receive her 3rd place medal, while the first and second place medals go to biological men? The winner set a state record in the women’s indoor 55-meter dash.

The biological differences between males and females is not a matter of conjecture. It has been established by science. It continues to be proven that males are stronger and faster than females due to biological differences. The Democratic Party, however, wants you to ignore these facts because the athlete in question may be a male pretending to be a female, and you must pretend with him.

What can’t be ignored are the effects on the biological women in this case. The third-place winner should have been first, and two women who didn’t make it to the podium should have had a chance to be there. They didn’t. They also didn’t get the opportunity to showcase their athleticism and abilities.

What does all this really mean to women athletes? It means they’re playing a rigged game. It means missing out on placements, championships, titles, and ultimately scholarships. It means the hard work and effort they put forth is wasted as biological males take their medals and steal their spot on the winner’s podium.

These young women are in a tough spot. Being gracious in defeat is an American value. It’s taught in schools from kindergarten to high school. Even professional sports tout the virtues of sportsmanship. How can these women be expected to be gracious about an unfair playing field?
How can they be asked to step aside while a grown man takes their title or assumes their scholarship? How can they be gracious about biological males setting records in female sports?

On average, women have ⅔ the strength of men. Men have a higher muscle to weight ratio, providing greater speed and acceleration. Males have longer and larger bones offering a better framework to support muscles. This isn’t up for debate. This is a proven scientific fact.

So what about hormone therapy? That should even it out, right? Well, the idea that hormone therapy leveling the playing field has been disproven.

According to Sweden’s Karolinska “After one year of testosterone suppression, transgender women showed only a 5% loss of muscle mass, with markers such as muscle strength, size, and composition still significantly greater for transgender women over biological women.” In other words, men on hormone therapy still have a distinct advantage over the women they compete against.

Worse than that, many transgender women are not required to prove they are on hormone therapy in order to compete. The only requirement for a man to compete against women in some places is that he claims to identify as a woman.

I’m not against anyone pursuing their happiness. If a man feels he is misgendered, by all means, pursue whatever route you need to in order to make yourself happy. That sentiment ends when the result infringes on the happiness of others. If your personal issues prevent a female athlete from receiving scholarships, titles, and the recognition she rightfully deserves for her hard work, the system must be changed. For some young women out there, it’s already too late.