Dems Stopped Hiding Their Push to Change Education Into Indoctrination and Biden’s Cheering Them On

Conservatives are about to read this story and say “yes, of course”. This is not something that is going to be surprising to the bulk of them. The public high schools and colleges that this country has to offer are turning into wokeness factories. It’s not about learning anymore. It’s about how you can condescend and talk down to people who you don’t view as being on your level.

Groupthink has taken over to a dangerous extent and we cannot believe the number of people who have allowed themselves to get swept away. George Will has pointed out something very important. He believes that indoctrination is going to be replacing education. Illinois is poised to become a battleground in this regard.

A recent State Board of Education proposal has brought this problem into much clearer focus. If their proposal is successful, a government policy will be enacted that essentially forces schools to go woke or shut up forever. They are going to be required by law to “embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints and perspectives.”

We are not sure how that is going to be enforced but that’s their cross to bear, not ours. If you are not woke enough, the state of Illinois is going to have a problem with it. That should terrify the nation but you know that’s not how it is going to work at all. Everyone is fine with it as long as it agrees with their point of view.

They don’t stop to think about the other people that are going to be affected. Will has more on this topic. “On Feb. 16, a joint committee of the state legislature will decide whether to turn into a legal requirement the State Board of Education’s recommendation that — until a slight rewording — would mandate that all public-school teachers “embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints and perspectives.”

If the board’s policy is ratified, Illinois will become a place congenial only for parents who are comfortable consigning their children to “education” that is political indoctrination, audaciously announced and comprehensively enforced.

Imposing uniformity of thought is the board of education’s agenda for “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading” (CRTL). This builds upon Illinois’ 2015 law requiring teachers to implement “action civics,” which means leading their pupils in activism on behalf of various causes. CRTL would make explicit that only woke causes are worthy causes,” Will says.

This is the liberal playbook to a tee. Public schools in this country are losing their way and they are taking America down the drain with them. Conservatives are going to be left with no choice but to home school their little ones at this point. There’s just one problem there. Eventually, these kids are going to have to go to college and there are almost no schools left that are willing to allow all points of view to be expressed.

Aspiring educators are going to be graduating from these institutions, making things even more challenging for those who are looking for a more well-rounded experience. Children are always going to be indoctrinated now and the age when educators get started will only continue to decrease. They prey on their fragile minds, using them as a vector for all of their insane opinions.

Illinois is essentially putting a stop to free speech as we know it and people seem okay with it, by and large. It’s pretty sad to see but this is par for the course at this point. The state government is now actively working to muzzle the voices of everyone who is not a liberal. Parents who don’t want to deal with this will need to take their children elsewhere.

Illinois is a state that is already dealing with a sizable amount of flight. This is only going to exacerbate the process. We can only hope that the people who reside in this state are able to change course before it is too late. If they cannot do so, they will have no one to blame but themselves.