Media Wants to Interview Biden But He Has Lodged Himself in the Oval Basement

The media is a socialist entity to its core. They grew fat while President Trump was in the White House because they could chew on everything he did. They blasted and him and lied about the things he was doing to the point that leftist donors started paying them cold hard cash to support the bashing efforts.

But now that the honorable man is out of the White House, the media has started to starve. They no longer have anyone that they can sink their teeth into. They cannot even get a response from him because he has turned his attention to helping America stay great in other ways.

Starvation causes all sorts of people to do insanely hideous things. One such reporter, starving for a juicy steak of a story, attacked their beloved Joe Biden because he is not available for them to harass and ask questions.

Biden avoids the press because his actions will elicit questions of why he is ruling with a pen instead of letting Congress make laws. And yet, his absence is about the only crumbs that the media can chow down on for the moment.

CNN Brian Shelter had a discussion with Brittany Shepherd, who is a Yahoo White House Correspondent. Both of these two people went on a feeding frenzy as they discussed the differences between the Trump administration and the Biden administrations as they related to the media.

There is no secret that Kayleigh McEnany was the master at keeping the sharks from devouring herself and Donald Trump. When the media got nasty with her, she pulled out the harpoon and thrust it into the face of the shark that was ripping at honorable people. The way McEnany handled the media was brilliant, and that is what drove them all crazy.

Shepherd attack Donald Trump and his former administration before getting to the real point of the discussion. The Democrats just have to keep taking punches at a man that is no longer in office. His past presence still incites them to violence.

But Shepherd finally noted that Biden was a carefully guarded man. His team keeps him from being approached by reporters. They just know that if he is asked a question that he is not prepped for, he will just give any answer, and it will not matter if it makes sense or not.

The clown with a red balloon Biden would make a fool of himself if he were not attached to a dog’s leash every day. As president, he needs to be able to answer tough questions. But those questions cannot be asked if he is kept in the basement pretty much all of the time.

Shepherd stated that “They like to keep a tight leash on their principal so he doesn’t come out in front of the camera and gaffe. I’d understand if I was a staffer, I’d have that perspective. But I’m never going to advocate against more transparency from Biden.”

She would never demand more access, but she will undoubtedly question why they do not have access to the liberal buffet of information. The truth is that there is no information that he can give. His mind is too far gone.

She also noted that “And Biden has kind of built this blue wall of his staffers between us and him, and I think it will be a bit of an issue if he doesn’t come out and do sit-downs. I always say there is two big White House stories, the one they want us to know and the ones they don’t, and being able to talk to him as directly as possible will get us towards the second.”

She mandates that there is a hidden agenda that Biden has that he is not telling the people. He lies to the public and keeps honest answers from getting out.

Biden continues to make a fool out of himself. He can no longer handle the tough questions from the media. So, the liberal team keeps him pinned up in the Oval Office like a dog. He roams the room looking for any place to sit down and take a rest. To keep him busy, they give him a stack of worthless orders to sign.