Top Female Cyclist Loses to Another Female Athlete…Sort of…Get a Load of This One

Women’s sports have fallen under attack. The women who rigorously train to excel in their respective sports are being sidelined by a new and stronger breed of athlete. These new and significantly more powerful athletes are commonly referred to as men.

A resident of Verona, Wisconsin, Sherry Mix is a regional star among mountain and fat-tire bike racing enthusiasts. It’s an exhausting sport so Mix religiously dedicates a full 10 to 15 hours a week for training. As difficult of a sport as it is, she said that for the women who choose to compete in it, the benefits are rewarding.

But no matter how hard Mix trains for her passion, these days, it’s never enough. Last month Mix was a contestant in an event billed as Fattyshack, in De Pere, Wisconsin. She didn’t win. She lost to a competitor by the name of Kenzie Statz. Fair enough. Right? Wrong.

Statz’s win could only be considered fair if approached from the mindset of a highly unsensible Bernie loving liberal, and even then it might require a sizeable stretch. The simple fact that Kenzie was born a guy but now claims to identify as a woman certainly had nothing to do with Mix being overpowered. What a ridiculous thing to consider.

Statz is no newcomer to the sport. He at one time competed as the man he technically still is but didn’t do so well. But now it’s a whole new race, and Ms. Kenzie has been faring fairly well.

Because of Mix’s ability, Statz only finished three minutes ahead of her. But, the next closest competitor was lagging ten minutes behind, unable to keep up the intense pace.

Mix has nothing against Statz or transgender people in general. To each their own. But nobody can deny how a born male identifying as a female has a distinct strength advantage. Their entire physiological chemistry is different.

Mix said, “We’re just trying to figure out what we can do. You get these guys actually training, they’re just naturally faster and stronger than women. It’s just science, how bodies work.”

USA Cycling has attempted to skirt the issue in its quest for political correctness, refusing to acknowledge scientific facts. In keeping with the transgender guidelines doled out by the International Olympic Committee, USA Cycling is able to claim there is nothing they can do.

The guidelines say that if a female suddenly decides she’s a male, they are free to compete as a male in any sport. The rules become lengthier if it’s done the other way around. If a male suddenly shows up as a female and wants to compete as such, they have to meet certain criteria.

Once a guy officially states he is now a girl, there’s no changing back for a minimum of four years. You are what you say you are. But here is where things become a bit more difficult.

Before the person is allowed to compete again, they must maintain a total testosterone level below 10 nmol/L for at least twelve consecutive months. Some athletes may require an additional time period depending on their body’s ability to reduce testosterone levels within that time frame.

As clearly stated on the USA Cyclings website, “Compliance with these conditions may be monitored by random or for-cause testing. In the event of non-compliance, the athlete’s eligibility for female competition will be suspended for 12 months.”

There is much controversy concerning these guidelines. The question continually arises as to exactly how much testosterone in trans women athletes should be the actual cutoff point where it becomes unfair of them to compete?

There were plans ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to issue more stringent guidelines for transgender athletes, but they never came to fruition. The word on the street says they scrapped the project “because the whole subject is so politically charged and sensitive.”