President Cuomo? That’ll Never Happen

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, feels as though once he conquers New York, the entire country is next. He hasn’t been shy to let anyone know that he has aspirations of one day becoming the President of the United States.

That’s never going to happen, though.

Cuomo can write all the books he wants to pat himself on the back of his leadership skills. The harsh reality is that the people of New York don’t like him. They didn’t like his father, either.

Andrew Cuomo did not handle the pandemic well. He made bad decisions – and those decisions led to many people in nursing homes losing their lives.

Now, it seems as though the people of New York have learned all about Cuomo and his bad decisions. They’re over the pandemic and they’re over their governor.

When the Daily Caller sent reporters to talk to New Yorkers about what grade they would give Andrew Cuomo in terms of how he handled the coronavirus, it isn’t even shocking.

An F. In some instances, a negative F minus. Those who don’t like Trump said that they felt that Trump did a better job than Cuomo.

Of course, there were those that thought he deserved a perfect grade. Clearly, they weren’t impacted by the coronavirus.

As for the ban on indoor dining, that, too, received a failing grade. Though some people had questions about the ban since the “outdoor” dining facilities were sealed up, making them, in essence, indoor dining facilities.

So, for the most part, New Yorkers can honestly say that they’re not happy with the way that Cuomo has handled anything having to do with the pandemic.

There’s also a significant amount of controversy going on because of the way in which his administration undercounted deaths among nursing home residents,

A top aide within the Cuomo administration said that they “froze” when state legislators asked about the issue.

Froze? No. You knowingly made the decision to not provide the full numbers. Why? Because those numbers were high, and they would have made Cuomo look bad. They would have also hurt his book sales. After all, you don’t become a New York Times bestseller with a book that talks about how well you handled the COVID crisis when you, actually, didn’t handle it well at all.

Cuomo lied about the numbers. Further, his Department of Health blocked nursing homes from rejecting residents based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. This meant that the nursing homes were forced to accept positive numbers. Considering that seniors are the most at-risk population for COVID, that single decision led to a significant number of deaths.

And, then, Cuomo decided that he wasn’t going to own up to it. The story just kept getting worse – and it’s not just residents of New York who know just how bad the story is.

Cuomo is done for. No one wants to elect someone who is responsible for such bad decisions that it led to thousands of people dying.

New Yorkers are already talking about how they’re not going to vote for Cuomo for a fourth term. Of course, that could all change depending on who is willing to run against him. As long as it’s someone with even half a clue as to how to run the state, Cuomo will be out of politics.

And Cuomo’s dreams of becoming president are done for, too. He’d have to fundraise – and not too many people are willing to throw their money where their mouth is – especially not for someone with such bad press against them.

Andrew Cuomo has focused on making himself look good. He’s made too many bad calls. He’s lied too many times. He’s not cut out for politics because his ego is constantly getting in the way.

If Cuomo goes anywhere, it will be to jail, not to the Oval Office.