A Dangerous Precedent Set Could Lead to Impeaching Kamala Harris

The Democrats have set a dangerous precedent. They’ve identified that they’re willing to impeach someone based on what is said on social media. Forget about intention. Forget about being in the moment. What you tweet will be taken at face-value to determine if you’re trying to cause harm to the country.

If Donald Trump wasn’t safe, neither is Kamala Harris.

Senator Lindsey Graham has even gone as far as saying that Republicans could target Harris and impeach her if they gain majority once again.

Why Kamala Harris?

She was heavily involved in inviting people to riot throughout the Black Lives Matter riots that happened last summer. Rather than taking to social media to calm everyone down, she tweeted a link to a bailout fund.

What does that tell people? It tells people not to worry about being arrested. Don’t worry. There’s a bailout fund designed to help you if you’re arrested by the police.

Well, the police aren’t stupid. They’re not just arresting anyone. They’re arresting those who break the law.

Trump was acquitted because there was enough belief in the Senate that the former president didn’t incite an insurrection.

The problem is that what the House Democrats did by choosing to impeach Trump is a dangerous precedent.

As Graham said, by using the model used by the House to impeach Trump, Harris is just as guilty, if not more so. Why? “She actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open.”

Graham warns that the House opened Pandora’s Box because of the speed at which Trump was impeached by the liberals. He was impeached without a lawyer, without witnesses, and without the ability to confront those against him. The entire impeachment case was built on hearsay –and they did it because they’re scared of Trump and because they hate him.

There was no fair trial – and by following that same formula, the Republicans would have every right to call upon the impeachment of Kamala Harris.

The only difference is that the Republicans have more to use against Kamala Harris. She encouraged people to donate toward the bail fund repeatedly. It allowed the riots to continue for months on end. The riots happened all across the country, not just in one city. Further, the riots created more property damage than any other incident in U.S. history.

When you compare the Black Lives Matter riots to the “insurrection” that occurred in Washington DC, how are they different?

The BLM riots resulted in countless individuals who were injured or killed. The property damage added up into the billions. City after city was impacted by the riots – and Harris encouraged it all.

Trump didn’t encourage any of this. Instead, there was a group of activists who were acting to protect Trump. They stormed the Capitol, and they caused damage. It was one day and only a fraction of the total damages.

Each and every time a politician goes onto social media, they have to be cautious of what they say. How many times has Maxine Waters talked about her hate for Trump? Had he ever been assassinated shortly after one of those tweets, she could have been impeached. How many times has AOC or Pelosi or any of the other liberals talked angrily about Trump or the GOP in general?

The precedent has been set. What is said on social media is to be taken seriously.

It all comes down to intent. What Trump said was not intended to cause an insurrection – and that’s why he was ultimately acquitted.

As for Kamala Harris, she intended to let people continue to break the law so that they could protest. She was prepared to use the bail fund as a way to protect the criminals so they wouldn’t be charged while being allowed to break the law (and harm individuals) repeatedly.

The Democrats have to tread carefully. If the House gains majority again while Harris is in office, the liberals are in trouble. She could find herself not only impeached but also convicted.