No Rights for Whites! School Board Does Not Allow White People to Join Advisory Board

The San Francisco School Board has found itself at the center of a number of recent controversies. If a school board is making the news this often, this is usually a bad sign for all parties involved. It all started when 44 schools in the district were renamed when parents were far more concerned about reopening plans.

From there, they decided to top themselves. Selective admissions are going to become a thing of the past because picking the smartest students with the best scores is considered racist. This should have been a signal that they have gone too far but no one seemed to mind too much. The school board has only gotten bolder since.

In their latest act of foolishness, they have decided to bar a white male from joining the school advisory board. Columnist Heather Knight shared the story. Seth Brenzel was looking to join the Parent Advisory Committee but there is just one problem. There are no other men in the group and he also happens to be a gay man.

The board had a two-hour discussion about this terribly important matter, only to decide that Seth should not be allowed to join. Knight has more about this matter. “All of the 10 current members are straight moms. Three are white. Three are Latina. Two are Black. One is Tongan. They all want the dad to join them.

The seven school board members talk for two hours about whether the dad brings enough diversity. Yes, he’d be the only man. And the only LGBTQ representative. But he’d be the fourth white person in a district where 15% of students are white…

The Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club on Friday slammed the board for its “misguided fumbling towards a goal of diversity.”

The person who was perhaps the most stunned was Seth Brenzel, the gay dad whose daughter is a fourth-grader at Glen Park Elementary. “At any moment, I expected a commissioner to address me,” he said, “because there I was,” she reported.

Brenzel was never asked a single question by the board members. They were more worried about maintaining their perfect social justice rainbow. Apparently, a white gay man does not fit the bill. 500 parents needed to know more about the school’s reopening plans but they were made to wait. Being woke is more important than helping the students, good to know.

As the gap continues to widen between minority students and white students, schools are continuing to hold the line. Knight shared some sobering statistics.

“Black, Latino and Asian students in San Francisco as well as those from low-income families have lost significant academic ground compared with wealthier and white students during the pandemic, according to new data released by the school district.

Black and Latino students were also more likely to be absent at least 60% of the time during the fall semester…

“We are concerned the gap has widened, especially in elementary schools,” said San Francisco Unified School District spokeswoman Gentle Blythe, adding that supports are in place for the most under-served youth. “But we know remote doesn’t replace in-person when it comes to serving our students. We want to return to (school) sites as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, San Francisco school board president Gabriela Lopez has her own asinine spin on this data. “They are learning more about their families and their cultures, spending more time with each other,” López said. “They’re just having different learning experiences than the ones we currently measure, and the loss is a comparison to a time when we were in a different space.”

Try as they might, they cannot find a cutesy spin to put on this major issue. This is what happens when ‘wokeness’ is prioritized above all. Even the Democrats are getting fed up with the current state of affairs. “We’ve become parodies of ourselves,’’ said Democratic strategist Brian Brokaw. This should tell you everything that you need to know.