Hey America, Look at Texas. Now, Say No to the Liberals

The liberals want to prioritize climate change initiatives. They think that, magically, they can control the natural evolution of the earth’s climate changes. For millions of years, the climate has changed.

Will killing off the cows and switching to solar power really make a difference? Of course not.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, and more are natural disasters. They’ve been happening since the dawn of time. Just because we start reducing our carbon footprints won’t change any of that.

Texas is a great example of why we can’t depend solely on solar and wind power. We need stable electrical solutions when adverse weather hits.

The electricity in Texas is self-served. They like to consider themselves an energy island. No power enters or leaves the state. This is all because they want to avoid federal regulations. It’s a great plan…until it isn’t.

Texas creates a significant amount of its energy through solar panels and wind turbines.

However, rolling blackouts have been established to help preserve energy. Why?

Snow has landed on the wind turbines, preventing them from moving. Snow has piled up on the solar panels, causing them to stop absorbing energy from the sun.

When the wind and solar solutions stop offering solutions, it puts a significant burden on the electric companies. And Texas residents had to learn the hard way. Some have been without power for 24+ hours in sub-freezing temperatures. Others have been dealing with scheduled blackouts that last an hour or more at a time.

Wind and solar solutions are not the reputable, long-term solutions that they pretend to be. As soon as adverse weather hits them, they’re rendered useless.

Meanwhile, liberals across the country want to roll out wind turbines and solar panels as one of the best ways to address climate change. While it can help during certain parts of the year, it could end up crippling the country in other parts.

Of course, the liberal media is in a panic. Uh oh. If Texas depends on renewable energy and it’s being brought to its knees, what will that tell the rest of the country?

News outlets are trying to battle the Texas blackouts to claim that renewable energy isn’t to blame. Oh, really? Anyone in Texas who has passed a wind farm or who has benefited from solar panels on their roof will disagree. Renewable energy is definitely a reason why Texans are without power.

Is it the only reason? No. But it’s certainly a significant factor. And the liberal news that wants to protest that fact is simply lying to Americans to feed their political motives.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has identified that there have been failures in the various energy systems across the state – natural gas, coal, and nuclear.

Essentially, there were failures across the board. However, if the wind turbines and solar panels were capable of doing their job to the fullest, it would have taken a significant amount of pressure off of the other systems. It would have kept power being fed into the system.

The sad reality is that the renewable energy systems weren’t capable of producing in the snow.

So, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberals want to talk about the Green New Deal and how they’ve got the answers to battle climate change, it should provide everyone with a pause.

What happens if coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy systems go away? The wind turbines and solar panel systems can’t be depended on to provide constant energy in every weather situation.

Texas sits as an example of what happens when there’s the desire to be environmental and use sustainable energy resources.

We can’t allow the liberals to continue to spin the narrative. They’re lying to people just so that the Green New Deal continues to look like a great option.

The hard truth is that we still need traditional energy systems. One cold snap sent the biggest state to its knees – and the libs want to do this to the entire country.