After Watching the Disastrous Elections in the US France Decides to Prohibit Mail-In Ballots and Voting Machines (Video)

Now that America is finally picking up the pieces from the stolen election, more and more citizens want to see real voting reform. We are not the only country that is looking to avoid these types of issues in the future. France has seen what has transpired here and they want no parts of our suffering. That makes perfect sense to us.

The rest of the world would be foolish to allow such things to happen, especially when the steal was made so obvious here. Jack Posobiec of One America was given the chance to speak with Jérôme Rivière about this matter. As a French member of the European Parliament, he is uniquely qualified to provide insight about the practices that take place in foreign countries.

Mail in ballots have been banned in France since 1975 because it makes cheating much easier. Voting machines are also not relied upon. “We don’t find it safe enough,” he says. The Netherlands and Ireland have also moved to ban electronic voting in recent years, in case anyone thinks that France is the only country to feel this way.

How can Americans feel good about the results of their election when the rest of the world is sneering at us? France does not want to see their election descend into liberal madness and we applaud them for taking the proper steps to do so. Americans like the late Rush Limbaugh have tried their best to shake people loose of their stupor but to no avail.

The liberals want to live in their fantasy world where Biden was somehow elected in a legitimate manner. “There’s simply no way Joe Biden
was legitimately elected president. I just can’t believe it. I do not
believe it. Intellectually, and as I look at what I have learned and
what I have seen over the course of the past four, five days, there’s
simply no way,” Limbaugh said before he passed.

We could not agree more. How anyone could look at what has happened and think that everything was on the up and up is beyond us. Voting machines can be rigged, mail in ballots can be cheated. If the most powerful leaders in the world outside of America can come to this simple consensus, what is taking us so long?

Electronic voting machines are too easy for corrupt governments to rig and if America wants to consider itself at the head of the class, these practices need to stop. The Democrats don’t want that, though. This is such a sweet gig for them. They get to wait until they have fallen behind and then they pull all of the necessary strings.

It must be nice to know that you are never going to lose as long as you have the ability to rig things in your favor. America is allowing itself to become professional wrestling by refusing to get this under control. A nation full of people who seem to care deeply about how we are received in the rest of the world looks the other way when other leaders question our tactics.

You would think that people would want to hear what France has to say. The same leftists who are quick to point to any protest that takes place in France and claim that they have it all right will not want to engage with this information. It’s better to deify foreign countries when they have mentalities that align with your own, as opposed to having a more balanced mindset.

In the meantime, we will just have to hope that the proper measures are taken before the midterm elections. The Democrats have gotten a taste of what it is like to swipe an election and they are not about to stop now. Maybe one day Joe Biden and his cronies are going to be willing to listen to reason about this stuff. We aren’t going to be holding our breath.