Georgia Focuses on Freedom of Religion With New Act

The liberals would love nothing but to strip away constitutional freedoms. It’s being seen in so many states. California has essentially banned places of worship because of ridiculous COVID restrictions.

Not in Georgia. Although the constitution may grant freedom of religion to Americans, Governor Brian Kemp is establishing the Faith Protection Act as a way to secure that freedom. Essentially, Georgia is being made a “sanctuary state for people of faith.”

State and local authorities all over the country are writing out decrees and forcing shutdowns in the name of “public health measures” as a way to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

Many authorities have claimed that places of worship should be granted no extraordinary measures above restaurants or beauty parlors. They are often not deemed “essential,” though people of faith would argue otherwise.

Heretics are ruling the liberal decisions. And when a person is not free to practice their religion, they are not whole.

There are plenty of ways for places of worship to be safe. They have requested the use of masks, they’ve offered more services, and they’re offering social distancing. Yet, liberals will hear of none of it.

Kemp does not want people to be denied their right to religious freedom. He wants to provide people with a place to worship.

Alex Marlow, the host of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, pointed out in an interview with Kemp that there were many inconsistencies with the way states were locking places of worship down while allowing marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores to be listed as essential goods and services.

Kemp acknowledged that it was “frustrating” and went on to say how Georgia has never shut churches down. Instead, the state requested that pastors and leaders of faith work to help flatten the curve.

There are certain events that have been deemed as a super spreader. And there have been locations that seem to cause a surge in spreading COVID-19. However, none of these involve churches or other places of worship, particularly when there are efforts in place to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The Faith Protection Act is designed to show other states that the freedom of religion can and should be protected. It also prevents any local authorities from overstepping their bounds within the state of Georgia.

Essentially, the piece of legislation prevents future governors of Georgia from using emergency powers to limit the “God-given right to worship.” Kemp explained that he watched people of faith from all over the country be told: “how, where, when, or even if they could worship at all.” He is making sure that, in Georgia, there was a decision to work with the various congregations to establish a solution.

Kemp is now confident that the various congregations in the state have the means to practice faith safely and in accordance with the various public health guidelines.

Finally, someone who is pushing against a broken system.

Marlow decided to question Kemp on the federal spending packages created by Congress – the ones being marketed as COVID relief.

Kemp was quick to point out that they reward the states that haven’t done enough to help themselves while punishing those that have been fiscally conservative.

Why should any state be rewarded when all they’re doing is punishing its residents? California will receive bailout funds because they’ve kept people in lockdown and away from their places of worship. Virginia will receive bailout funds because they’ve kept schools closed down.

Governor Kemp has made sure that the needs of the people of Georgia have been the central focus in all of his decisions. And now, as many liberal states focus on taking away more constitutional rights from Americans, the Faith Protection Act is in place in Georgia to offer security for future generations.

Now, if we could only get a few more states to follow Kemp’s example, the health of the country may start to look up.