Harris Agrees That Human Rights Violations are Agreeable With Biden

It is a great day in Washington and around the country to watch the Biden Administration implode in on itself as they continue to reverse their campaign promises. The sad little president got a dose of reality that the office he fought so hard to win demands that he protect Americans fraudulently. The liberal long honeymoon is over, and Biden must now act like a president and not a puppet-controlled man.

Biden was urged early on to shut down detention facilities worldwide so illegal aliens could walk right into America. His socialist supporters relished the idea and looked forward to that day. But their hopes were dashed to pieces as it was announced that he would open up another “migrant facility” to house kids in Homestead, Florida.

Not only is this a significant blow to the hopes of insane Democrats. It is also a slap in their proverbial faces. For years they have tried to criminalize Donald Trump for putting kids in cages. A detestable event that he inherited from Barack Obama.

Biden has received a reality check on the immigration issues. In the first month of his executive reign, he thought it would be a great idea to promote open borders. That decision led to illegals swarming northwards with the intent of overrunning the barricades.

His words of support caused illegals to see an open invitation for them to flow into the country again. They think that they can come on over and look forward to being granted citizenship just because it is an easy way of solving illegals in America.

The new facility’s great thing is that it is the same kind of facility that so many ignorant Democrats visited back in 2019, where they made an embarrassing spectacle of themselves as they protested against such facilities. They lamented over the so-called “human rights abuse” that was taking place behind closed bars.

Of all the ignorant Democrats that flooded the detention centers, Kamala Harris had the biggest mouth. Her tongue would come back to haunt her as she would receive a dose of reality as the vice president. At one time, she stated that detention centers needed to all be shut down. All she wanted to do was make a political statement and harm a man tasked with keeping the country safe.

And now that she is getting a small taste of what Donald Trump was up against, she quickly changed her story. She now looks forward to the opening of new facilities.

These are places that she once called jails and “concentration camps.” Places where the guards abused people and desired to torture them to death. She stated in 2019 that “There’s no reason for them to be detained, like prisoners. There’s no reason whatsoever.” But now, here she is, looking to detain them as they flood into the country.

The ignorant Democrats did not want to tell the truth of what they saw at the centers. They wanted the country to think that Auschwitz had come to American shores. But the truth is that these detention centers are places where the immigrants are taken care of very well.

Kamala Harris has changed her story and now supports the kids in cages idea. The dastardly duo has put more kids in cages than Donald Trump was ever accused of doing. Trump got them out of cages and placed them into homes where they would be safe. He reduced the numbers to nearly zero.

One activist group called Families Belong Together stated that “There is no reason we need to keep separating children from their families. And there is no end to family separation in sight until we have bold action to reunite families and put an end to this horrific practice once and for all.”

Their statement shows just how clueless the liberal organizations and people have become to the threat of illegal immigration. They allude that kids are being placed in cages again. Something that they plan on fighting.

But Biden and his people claim that it is not going on. So, they are back to lying to the American people. Jen Psaki had also claimed that the practice was not happening. Their coverup comes by way of them renaming the centers to hide the violation of human rights. They now call the place the “Biscayne Influx Care Facility.”