Conservative Pundit Makes Compelling Case for Liberals to Finally Say ‘No’ to Something That Protects Kids

While traipsing through the glee of enacting cancel culture on whatever seems to strike their fancy first, one of the aspects of the liberal movement is that they seem to consistently fail to protect the most innocent among the population.

Many conservatives would point to the unborn as the most obvious example of a people group wholly without an advocate on the left, but that young and vulnerable group is expanding all the time.

Conservative pundit and Daily Wire contributor Georgia Howe pointed out that liberals need to finally say “no” to something that will protect children while on their unwarranted and unwanted come-back tour.

“Yesterday, senators in Alabama voted 23-4 in favor of a bill that would outlaw gender transition surgery for persons under 18,” Howe wrote in an Op-Ed published by The Daily Wire.  The bill also includes a provision requiring school staff to notify parents if a minor’s perception’ of ‘his or her gender is inconsistent with his or her sex.’

Howe pointed out that liberals have been critical of the bill which they called “anti-science,” saying that it’s contrary to “prevailing standards of treatment” according to a statement from the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama.

While the bill is the first of its kind, it’s likely not destined to be the last. Since the issue of transgenderism in children is only growing in frequency and importance, right and left have become increasingly at odds with the left bushing for “medical transition or bust,” as Howe put it.

“As the issue of gender transition for children gains prominence, many reticent liberals will find themselves between a rock and a hard place,” Howe said. “On one hand, they can side with the sensibilities of a supermajority of Alabaman senators and voters and support legislation that could result in them being lambasted as ‘anti-gay’ or ‘anti-choice’ (this may feel, to some, like the ‘pigs-flying’ option). Or, alternatively, they can swallow whatever concerns they have about child medical transition and oppose the measure, ensuring their status as ‘ally’ to the ‘woke’ pro-LGBTQ community.

“Given the two choices, most liberals will choose the latter.”

Howe went on to describe how allowing travesties of justice, such as the ones taking place surrounding children’s mental health on the subject of gender dysmorphia, is essential for the consistency of their ideology, and therefore the continuation of their cause:

“Caught in the riptide of perceived in-group consensus, many on the Left will simply quash their concerns in a harried effort to keep up with the morality Joneses. It’s hard to blame them,” Howe said. “They’re disoriented by the breakneck speed of the progressive herd which leaves stragglers immortalized forever as ‘bigots,’ caught flat-footed ‘on the wrong side of history.’ The pressure to be an early adopter of progressive moral norms is immense. Luckily, a pressure valve exists.”

The conservative pundit went on to say what many conservatives have no-doubt been yelling at their television and phone screens for years now; this is not a choice children are capable of making:

“As if this even needs be stated, it is completely reasonable to have reservations about pediatric medical transition,” Howe said. “Children under 18 are not capable of comprehending major medical decisions, period. Despite the assurances from trans lobby groups that medical transition is safe and reversible, the medical literature includes growing evidence that this is patently untrue.”

The political commentator ended her piece by saying that “if there ever was a time to pump the brakes and demand a thorough discussion, this is it. And if there was ever a time when the crowd was really with you, this is it. “Oh, and in ten or twenty years, after the class action lawsuits have rolled in, you will find yourself on the right side of history.”