Angry Unpopular Kids All Grown up Harassing the Cheerleaders Under Guise of Social Justice

Black Lives Matter has made its mark on the world, primarily since their widespread protesting turned into widespread rioting, building burning, and murdering. However, the “fun” didn’t stop there. Working their way up the social justice ladder of fame and fortune, BLM has begun to make more and more rules about what can and can’t be done to stay “woke” as the nation’s morals become more and more corrupt.

According to a report in The Daily Wire, BLM has once again taken out their angst on a group that has been notoriously fortunate in the way they’ve been treated, in this case, BLM is badgering young cheerleaders who have entered the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville for a cheer competition on Saturday.

One of the protest leaders was Carmen M. Jones who told reporters on Sunday that she stands by her yelled harassments at the girls for their “white privilege” and even told a woman with the cheerleaders that she better “make sure your kids aren’t somebody my kids are gonna have to beat up.”

“The reason why you get to be here in these pretty little gorgeous outfits and your gorgeous hair and your gorgeous bows is because of your white privilege,” Jones said over a megaphone to the girls.

“Breonna [Taylor] is dead,” she told the girls and their parents. “Black mothers are burying their babies while white mothers send their daughters to cheer competitions.”

During a Facebook Livestream from Tara Bassett with 502 live streamers captured the incident, WDRB reported Sunday. However, some of those who witnessed the protest said of the children “They’re yelling at our girls for no reason.”

Jones responded to the complaint, “I am on your a**, I am on your a**, you cannot come through that door without me being on your a**.”

“Black Lives Matter, I agree,” the woman told Jones.

“Tell your kids that — make sure your kids aren’t somebody my kids are gonna have to beat up,” Jones replied.

One of the cheerleader’s fathers who went only by Rob told WDRB that the protesters “were badgering” the girls “all the way in the door.” His oldest daughter, he said, “cried for about an hour” over the incident.

“You could see it affected all these kids,” Rob said. The father said that while he believes in the demonstrator’s right to protest, they should leave innocent children out of it.

“If there’s a problem within life, you keep it between adults,” he said. “You don’t take kids and add them into the problems. It had nothing to do with them. Even if you have something that you’re passionate about. That wasn’t the way to go about it.”

Jones did not agree, saying she and “other protesters” stands by their harassment of the young girls.

“Yes, I did tell them don’t be somebody that my child is going to have to fight,” she told WDRB. “Because right now I’m fighting the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren of people’s ancestors who didn’t do right.

“… Breonna Taylor will never be able to have a child to be able to take to a cheer competition,” she added. “If black kids are children enough and child enough and mature enough to go through the things that we go through as children, then their children are children enough, child enough and mature enough to learn about their privilege.”

One inconvenient detail that protesters seem to leave out is that Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker fired at the officers executing the raid on the woman’s home. The crossfire led to the death of Taylor and the injured of one officer.