Adult Bullies Get Taken Down for Attacking Kids at Cheer Competition

2020 was the year that liberal-funded organizations took to the streets and turned themselves into terrorist organizations. For the better part of the year, Black Lives Matter operated under social justice groups’ cover to change the status quo of how liberals were treated in America. But the only thing they intended to do was set up an environment where their liberals overlords could do whatever they wanted to do without having to answer to law enforcement.

Black Lives Matter people have never cared about the lives of people of color. Their hands are covered in blood. After all, their riots saw people of color attacked and murdered because they did not support the liberal-based movement.

But now that the liberals are tearing apart the American frontier, Black Lives Matter terrorists are empowered more than ever to continue to public dance around America. And wherever they can find people to terrorize, they are sure to show up in force.

Their pointless demonstrations showed up in Louisville, Kentucky, over the weekend. It was here that they marched all over the city, protesting things that have no importance. The purpose of their march had no intended destination. They were simply moving around looking for their next victim.

They found their victims at a convention center that was hosting a cheerleading competition for little kids. The terrorist group thought that they could get away with verbally assaulting these kids and their parents that were going in and out of the competition.

The thugs surrounded the center and blocked the entrances, so people and the kids had to walk through them to get inside. They tried to intimidate the kids so they would turn around and leave. Their march had no purpose except to bully little kids like thuds on a playground.

The BLM group did not care what color the kids happened to be. They were happy to be able to cause massive disruptions for no purpose at all.

The kids had to listen to the stupidity of these people that yelled on bullhorns things such as “Do something black today with your white privilege besides cheer.” It must not have occurred to them that colored kids were doing something that was of interest to them. They were competing in a cheer competition.

They went on to blurt out that “Black mothers are burying their babies while white mothers take their children to cheer competitions. Do something black today with your white privilege, thank you.”

The insanity of the BLM group wanted these people to join them and waste away their lives. These sad adults should have been at work instead of marching around the city, causing disruptions for hard-working people and family-loving parents.

Reports from witnesses stated that the terrorists were cussing at the kids and intimidating them with threats. The BLM group’s power has lost its thrust with adults, so now they have to go after little kids that will not put up much of a fight.

The significant part about the riot is that the very ones that they want to see defunded show up and deal with the worst in the group. Law enforcement is finally brought to the convention center, and two males that were blocking the intersection are arrested.

The terrorists are confused as to why their men are being arrested. It may have never dawned on them that they are committing crimes by interfering with traffic and threatening people with their lives.

Alicia Smiley is the spokeswoman for the Louisville Police. She stated that “Two were charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing a highway, and the other was charged with menacing, terroristic threatening and obstructing a highway, according to their arrest citations.

Officers also issued several citations for traffic violations, including reckless driving, no insurance, running a red light making and an improper turn.”

The actions of terrorists only show that crime still does not pay. No matter what a Democrat may make someone believe, they will be arrested and put in jail for breaking the laws of the land. BLM and the other liberal-owned groups are terrorists, and they will be treated as such by men and women that have devoted their lives to law and order.