Neverland is Now the Home of Liberal Nightmares

Neverland is supposed to be one of the greatest escapes for kids. Peter Pan has shown kids around the world how to hold on to their youth with a quick trip to Neverland.

Sure, Peter Pan has had to battle Captain Hook. However, he did so triumphantly.

The story of Peter Pan has been told and retold for decades. In the movie Hook, the character of Peter Pan was played by Robin Williams, proving that it’s so much fun to be a kid. Jake and the Neverland Pirates was even a popular cartoon for kids to watch.

Now, however, Neverland has become the home of nightmares for liberals.

Peter Pan has to come with a trigger warning – and it’s not even being made available on certain apps to kids under a certain age.

The original Peter Pan, produced in 1953, shows Peter Pan sitting with the Indian Chief and Princess Tiger Lily.

So, you might ask?

So, indeed. Most people can still watch the original movie without feeling as though their world is caving in. Peter Pan is not being rude to the Indians. He dons a headdress and joins in.

It’s cultural appropriation. And how dare they depict Native Americans in that way.

But, wait! Why is it that no one will stand up to these liberals? Neverland is not supposed to be a place that gets banished. It’s where the Lost Boys live. It’s where kids can stay kids forever.

The creator of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, described the island of Neverland as full of coral reefs and gnomes and savages. These are creations as seen in the eyes of the children.

Using “Red Indians and Pirates” on the island to depict the inhabitants is simply what a child would imagine. And, if anyone actually traveled to such an island, those are entirely some of the characters they may have happened across.

Disney depicted it all in a cartoonish way so as not to scare kids. Little did they know that they would soon terrify liberals.

What’s insane is that the movie has been out for 70 years. It was never a problem until the liberals have decided that they simply cannot deal.

The story was told in the early 1900s. It was no big deal for the Indians to refer to Peter Pan as “the great white father.” No one cared if the Indians played on a tom-tom.

It was acceptable for London plays throughout much of the early 20th century. It was acceptable for Disney to produce in the 1950s.

Contemporary productions, however, say no way.

Will there ever be a way for Neverland to be portrayed in a way that is acceptable to the liberals? Can Peter Pan learn to be less offensive to today’s generation? Perhaps he needs to start by not kidnapping Wendy from her bedroom.

The liberals must lay awake at night, tossing and turning over the movies of their childhood. They seem to need a trip to Neverland themselves to remember what it was like to be a kid. They likely wished that Peter Pan would knock on their window and fly them away to Neverland. Perhaps because he never came, they want to ruin the illusion for future generations.

Now, the far left feels as though they have to destroy everything. Everything will cause offense in one way or another.

Peter Pan isn’t the only Disney movie on the chopping block, either. Say goodbye to Dumbo. Say goodbye to The Aristocrats. And, while you’re at it, say goodbye to Swiss Family Robinson. These movies have been loved for years, yet the far left have deemed them completely unacceptable.

There’s no telling what may be canceled next. Hold on tightly to Cinderella and Snow White, there is likely something offensive in those, too.