Oops! Psaki Makes Gross Error and Gives DeSantis a Big Push Forward

As hard as the Democrats may try to hurt and destroy conservative leaders in America, they just cannot get it through their thick heads that truth will always prevail. Larry Schwartz, New York’s vaccine czar, has been very close to Andrew Cuomo for decades. It was reported that Schwartz was contacting all of the county leaders in New York to see if they still like Cuomo or not.

So crooked was Schwartz’s intention that one of those county leaders filed an ethical complaint against the man. Cuomo and Schwartz were attempting to use the vaccine rollout to the counties as a bribe for crooked Cuomo’s continued support. The report showed that “The executive feared the county’s vaccine supply could suffer if Schwartz was not pleased with the executive’s response to his questions about support of the governor.”

It is just like a crooked Democrat to use threats and force to keep their support that they covet so severely. Schwartz noted that he did make the calls but that he never did anything unethical. He stated that “I have always conducted myself in a manner commensurate to a high ethical standard.” Except that he called leaders asking if they still supported the sexual predator Cuomo.

The thought that anyone would call leaders for their support draws a lot of questions. And those questions were asked of Jen Psaki. Cuomo’s actions have been approved of by the Biden administration. Biden is guilty of many the same accusations, but people are too fearful of stepping up and take him down.

Psaki did the two-step and dodged the question. But what she failed to do was keep her big mouth shut. Her following few words would support DeSantis and prove that what he is doing is better than anything the liberals could have hoped for.

Psaki stated to the reporters that “We work to ensure that [the Covid vaccine] is equitably distributed and that there are not steps that are taken that are concerning. So, we were concerned, of course, about the reports of this inappropriate behavior, but we also have a number of steps in the system to ensure that the people of New York, the people of any state [that] the vaccines are being distributed fairly and equitably.”

Psaki’s answer defeats an accusation lobbied against DeSantis that he was giving the vaccine to his wealthy elderly supporters. But nowhere Psaki comes out and says that there is a system in place to make sure that it does not happen. The big assist she gave to DeSantis just shut the mouths of his competitors.

The liberals will say anything to keep powerful Republicans from challenging their weak candidates. They passed the story that DeSantis favors his rich fan base. Which now has been proven fake news after what Psaki just admitted.

Gavin Newsom is the fake that favors his rich fan base. He treats them real nice with lucrative contracts and lavishly planned dinners. He even lets them take off their masks for dinner at restaurants that are supposed to be closed.

Psaki unknowingly pulled the rug out from her liberal base in Florida. The Democrats in the state had invented their lie to keep DeSantis from gaining too much power. But that has already happened as he has taken it upon himself to rightfully protect the elderly in Florida, unlike his evil counterpart to the north.

Governor DeSantis took a completely different path than Cuomo, and it worked well. New York suffered needlessly at the hand of a sexual predator during the pandemic, but the people in Florida lived free because one man was willing to do the right things and let people make their own choices.

The Democrats are running scared because there is too much Donald Trump pouring out of Ron DeSantis. He is just what the nation will need in 2024 if Donald Trump decides not to run again. Either way, the Democrat’s time in power is severely limited. And having a mouth like Psaki’s stating the Biden administration’s core secrets is not helping their cause any.