Biden Contradicts Press Secretary With False Statement About Kids in Border Crisis

President Joe Biden made a false claim about the border crisis.

Biden’s comments came during an interview with ABC News that aired on Tuesday during which host George Stephanopoulos pressed Biden about the growing crisis that has hit record levels, which was confirmed by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas earlier in the week.

When asked about the shocking number of unaccompanied minors being presented at the southern border Biden responded, “Do you repeat what Trump did, take them from their mothers, move them away, but hold them in cells, etc.? We’re not doing that.”

Saavedra reported that Biden’s claim was clearly false. He cited a New York Times article from earlier in the month that offered proof that thousands of unaccompanied minors were being kept in “facilities akin to jails as the Biden administration struggles to find room for them in shelters.” The Times reported this week that “children are being forced to sleep on gym mats with foil sheets and go for days without showering” and that “many children” had “not been allowed outdoors for days on end.” USA Today reported during the first week in March that “the Biden administration is still sheltering children separated from close family members in federal facilities for weeks on end.”

Moments later in the same interview, they continued:

STEPHANOPOLOUS: How do you cut through the red tape and make sure those kids get to a contact as quickly as possible? Our reporters on the scene are saying they’re seeing total mayhem there right now.

BIDEN: Well, what you get, what you have to do is you have to try to get control of the mess that was inherited. And the way to get control the mess was [in]herited. I mean, look, here’s what our– , (sic) the plan is. You may remember, when we had this unaccompanied children (sic) on the border when Barack was president, he called me back, I was in Turkey and said, ‘You got to take care of this.’ And I was able to get a bipartisan bill passed for almost $800 billion to go to the root cause and why people are leaving. Why are they leaving El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, because they’re in terrible circumstances, either because of natural disasters and hurricanes, gangs, or violence, they’re trying to escape? And that’s why they’re coming.

The News anchor then asked the obvious question of why didn’t Biden just tell migrants not to come?

STEPHANOPOLOUS: Do you have to say quite clearly, don’t come?

BIDEN: Yes, I can say quite clearly don’t come and what we’re in the process of getting set up, and it’s not going to take a whole long time, is to be able to apply for asylum in place. So don’t leave your town or city or community, we’re going to make sure we have facilities in those cities and towns, run by the Department of by DHS (sic) and also access with HHS, the Health and Human Services to say, you can apply for asylum from where you are right now. 

The president then went on to explain how they will provide for the children and young adults, seeming to once again indicate that he is much more concerned with bringing in new residents than is taking care of the current ones.

While unchecked immigration might be a good thing for the Democrat party, the farmers and ranchers who live and work along the southern border might have a different story.

While the media portrayal of those who cross the border are mothers with children in tow, it’s very often those running drugs popping back and forth, taking what they want. A very different story than the one seen on CNN would likely be told by the families of oil field workers shot while working on location.

But the migrants have been proven to be likely Democrat voters, so expect no change until it becomes advantageous to the DNC.