Chicago Teachers Turn Their Heads at Vaccines to Avoid In-Class Teaching

Chicago teachers have proven that they’re not interested in in-class teaching. As their demands have been met, they’re still not heading into the classrooms. They’re prepared to let kids continue to suffer educationally while they allow their liberal flags to wave proudly.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has refused to let teachers back into public schools – and the excuses are getting out of control.

The COVID vaccination was supposed to make it so that teachers could feel safe going back into the classroom. The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) site has said that 16,500 faculty and staff have already been offered the vaccines –though only about 4200 have taken the city up on its offers.

Why? Why not get the vaccine?

Well, if they did that, they’d have to open the schools.

The Chicago Teachers Union president, Jesse Sharkey, has sent out a letter to the 20,000+ members to instruct them on waiting to respond to the CPS vaccination survey. Members have been instructed not to identify whether they have received the vaccines or not. Sharkey doesn’t want this to be used as a bargaining tool against them.

Of course not. Once it can be proven that the teachers have been vaccinated, they lose any bargaining power they have to stay out of the classrooms.

Meanwhile, Chicago Public Schools has released a plan for high schools to be open for in-class instruction on April 19.

April 19 doesn’t sound too realistic when the teachers’ union is saying, “We have no agreement on returning to in-person learning in high schools on any date, nor will there be an agreement until we know our school buildings can reopen safely.”

What more do these teachers want? The vaccines are being offered to them – all they have to do is get them. The city of Chicago has also spent $100 million to make the schools safe from COVID-19.

Everything is being done to make the teachers feel safe. The schools are clean and disinfected. The vaccines are available.

K-8 schools have already been opened across the district after negotiations were made between CPS and CTU.

Do the teachers actually want to teach students? Are they looking to be able to teach from their pajamas for the rest of the time? None of it makes sense – the teachers threatened to strike if teachers were disciplined for not returning. They claimed that the vaccination schedules were “unsatisfactory.”

Now, they’re not allowing members to disclose whether they’ve been vaccinated or not.

Don’t they know that the Biden administration made a promise for schools to open by his 100th day? The April 19 date disclosed by CPS will accomplish that – but only if the teachers’ union decides they want to cooperate.

The only thing that Chicago teachers are doing right now is choosing to be a barrier. There’s a long-term impact on students in a lockdown situation, including psychological distress. They’ve chosen the route of becoming a public menace instead of doing their jobs: providing students with a quality education.

The biggest problem with the whole ordeal is that the teachers are not even explaining their stance at this point. They’re simply turning their noses up at getting vaccinated so they don’t have to return to the classroom.

If it’s being offered and they still refuse, there may come a point where they will lose their jobs. It all depends on whether Biden is willing to step in and make demands. He’s not too good about making demands when a liberal city becomes a bit too liberal.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already woken to the idea that in-person instruction is a necessity for the mental health of children in the U.S. Further, they’ve said that school reopenings should not be based on teacher vaccinations.

In other words, the CDC is saying to open the schools. All the schools.

You hear that, Chicago? Get vaccinated, don’t get vaccinated, but high schools are opening on April 19 in your city.