Trump Breaks the Silence to Comment on Biden

Liberals’ heads are exploding as President Trump has broken his silence to comment on the Biden administration. How dare he! Doesn’t he know that he isn’t the president anymore?

The double standard has struck again.

It was completely acceptable for Barack Obama to speak openly about Trump. Yet, as a former president himself, Trump isn’t allowed to have an opinion on Biden.

The reality is that Donald Trump provided a lot of good legislation during his four years. He kept peace around the globe and he helped to keep the border issues under control.

Joe Biden hasn’t even been the president for 100 days, and he’s managed to make a number of bad calls. He and the rest of his liberal administration are hurting the country. Through executive orders that canceled Trump policies, he’s created an epic crisis at the border. And, he doesn’t have all of the amazing plans he promised he had to get the economy fixed.

Someone has to point out that the Biden administration is hurting the country.

Donald Trump has no problem being that person.

He told Harris Faulkner of Fox News that “They are destroying our country.” He goes on to say that they’re destroying it with the tax increases that no one wants to deal with. Meanwhile, he points out that China is building factories and “trying to kill us in so many different ways.”

And Trump has a point. There are a lot of things that Biden and the rest of his administration simply aren’t doing. They’re not communicating with the American people. They’re not addressing the problems with China. In fact, they’re not even taking a hard stance with China.

Why is it that Trump was the only one to realize China was a true and dangerous threat to not only the U.S. but the world as a whole? He was prepared to fight and take a hard line with the communist country.

Meanwhile, Biden is letting them walk all over him. And, instead of dealing with foreign leaders on his own, he’s sending Kamala Harris to talk to them all. Biden isn’t acting like the president. He’s acting like the vice president – and that’s because it’s what he knows how to do.

As a result, the country is failing. The country needs leadership, and we have a bumbling idiot who doesn’t know how to take a dominant approach.

Although there are plenty of liberals who don’t want to hear what Trump has to say, it has to be said. Trump knows how to take the hard approach that’s necessary to deal with so many of today’s problems.

Liberals may not be willing to admit it just yet, but Joe Biden isn’t the president that this country needs. He isn’t a leader. He isn’t capable of playing hardball. And, the rest of his administration isn’t getting the job done, either.

The country doesn’t need a New Green Deal. We don’t need a rise in taxes. What we need is to know that China isn’t going to come for us, shoving communism down our throats.

Trump can continue to speak out, but he has been stripped of his power. At this point, he doesn’t even have a social media platform that he can use. He can only speak out during interviews because the liberals are terrified of the truth that may spill from his lips.

How bad will things have to get before Democrats realize that Joe Biden is not the answer? The reality is that it may take another three and a half years before they make a move. We might have to deal with the Biden administration’s ineptitude for a full presidential term. Then, perhaps, we’ll get Trump back – or at least a president who is capable of using his (or her) backbone to help the country get back on track.