While Biden Basks in Trump’s Glory, It’s All About to Come Crashing Down…the Final Straw Is in Your Bank Account…Enjoy

Joe Biden stepped into the picture long after COVID-19 had already impaled our nation. Former President Donald Trump had already sped up the creation of the vaccine by implementing “Project Warp Speed,” and the vials were starting to roll out. Biden is warming up to take a victory lap, but should he be the guy who gets to kick up dirt on that track? Maybe the two of them should hold hands and run it together. Wouldn’t that be a nice touch?

But in terms of the fight against COVID-19, Trump doesn’t exist in Joe Biden’s world. It was him who came riding in a white stallion to save America before it was no longer salvageable. Except for an under-the-belt inconspicuous jab, Biden, in an unprecedented move, made not one mention of his predecessor in his first publically televised address to the nation.

Beginning in Pennsylvania, Biden is now touring the nation to brag about his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan that’s supposed to have us rolling in the clover again. Did someone just say the word deficit? It’s kinda like running up your Amex when you know you can’t pay the bill. Or similar to what the banking world refers to it as “kiting.” Zero Republicans voted for it. Now you know why. Anyhow…

Biden boldly promised that 100 million doses of the vaccine would be administered within his first 100 days in office. He and he alone could make it happen. In actuality, he and Donal Trump, with a major emphasis on Trump, are making it happen. Biden is simply distributing what was already on the way, and taking full credit for doing a bang-up job.

Though it’s not being told, Biden is elated at how Trump did a much better job than he could have ever anticipated. In only a matter of days, the 100 millionth dose will be jabbed into some lucky recipients’ veins. On only his 58th day. Will it be you? If so you can send a thank you card to Mar-a-Lago.

In addition, Biden is flashing his overly-white dentures at what his administration views as the beginning of America’s long-awaited economic recovery. The struggle is almost over. But he’s wrong. Economic recovery is a slow methodical process to which Donald Trump was greatly attuned, as well as his fellow House Republicans. Biden just ran up the bill.

Papa Joe’s theory of the stimulus money being socked back into the economy is in some measure true. The needle should jump to the green, but only until it runs out of gas again. At that point, watch out. Our nation will be coasting to the shoulder of the bankrupt highway. Since there’s no stopping it you may as well cash that check while you still can.

From the viewpoint of the Democrats, our nation needs tighter governmental controls. They use the jobless rate and the continuing death rate from the coronavirus as the basis of their argument. State and local leaders are failing their communities.

Biden’s relief package has fairly broad support with the general public, not because of what is contained within, but because of their bank accounts getting loaded up with some money they weren’t counting on. Of course, sleepy Joe is receiving his due credit for this one, but only until it comes back very shortly to haunt him.

Republicans, on the other hand, see things from a more realistic perspective. Under Trumps’ leadership, the GOP thinks that for the most part, people were doing okay. They’ve also made note of the largely ignored fact that hundreds of billions of dollars in relief funds were never even spent from the previous relief package they were responsible for passing.

So while Joe Biden is smiling and waving to his adoring fans like a Pope on a Vatican balcony, his pompous behind is not far away from puckering. Possibly enough to bring back his stutter. Oh, and you can rest assured, there is more than one country waiting for this all to go down.

Once again, don’t feel bad about wasting those 1400 smackers on yourself, but if you do, you might want to consider stalking up on survival supplies. Just saying… But at least you won’t be catching the coronavirus, so there’s always that. No thanks to Joe Biden.