California Congressman Attacks Candace Owens with KKK Artifacts

In a world where we’re supposed to be sensitive to those of the opposite race, one liberal Congressman proves that the rules only apply to the liberals. We’re only supposed to care about how a racial remark impacts a liberal individual of color.

Those who are on the side of the GOP can defend themselves. They don’t need to worry about racial remarks.

Liam O’Mara, a white liberal politician, decided that it would be acceptable to send a picture of a KKK hood to Candace Owens on Twitter.

O’Mara clearly doesn’t understand what it means to run for public office. As someone who is a current Democratic House candidate, he should be working toward unity. After all, Biden has already made the call. We’re supposed to work toward getting along with everyone, not creating a bigger divide.

O’Mara of California, however, decided that he couldn’t keep his opinions to himself.

Candace Owens, a conservative commentator, made the comment on Twitter to say that the “#1 violent offenders against black people are other black people.”

This is a comment that she’s able to make. She is a black person. She uses facts to back up everything she says.

This is not the kind of comment that a white man should be commenting on. He has no place to go against black people or defend people.

Yet, O’Mara decides that he’s going to respond. Rather than making a comment that allows for political dialogue and to gain an understanding of where she’s coming from, he responds with “Yikes. You may’ve dropped this” followed by the image of a KKK hood.

Everything about what O’Mara tweeted is wrong. He doesn’t get to make such a comment without explaining himself. Further, using such an artifact is one of the most racist things that he could say. It shows that he doesn’t know his history, either. KKK members were white men who targeted black people. Owens is specifically saying that black people are the ones who are the ones who target black people more often.

The potential Congressmen was trying to argue that Owens was “recycling explicitly white supremacist arguments.”

Does he not understand what it is that he’s saying? How is it that a black woman is using white supremacist arguments? He is so accustomed to listening to the liberal dialogue on racism that he doesn’t understand that black conservatives find the whole #BlackLivesMatter hashtag ridiculous.

There are many people of color who don’t believe that the United States suffers from systemic racism.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the entire ordeal is that O’Mara goes on to say that he studies extremist rhetoric for a living and “this stuff is really dangerous.”

Really? Someone who studies extremist rhetoric finds it acceptable to send a black woman an image of a KKK hood? This is a man who is running for political office – and who has been brainwashed into believing that black people cannot possibly speak in a way where they don’t believe that every white person has been whitewashed with white privilege.

Candace Owens has also fought with Twitter for allowing the post to remain. Sending a KKK hood to a black person doesn’t violate any of the platform’s rules. So, racism has been greenlighted.

Apparently, it’s okay for O’Mara to show racism toward Owens because she’s of a different political party. Now, had she been white and he been black, her sending him the image would have been totally unacceptable – and it would undoubtedly have been flagged by Twitter as threatening and racist.

Herein lies the double standard of not only the Democratic Party but also Twitter. Liberals are the only ones who are allowed to be offended. And sending a black person a KKK hood is a perfectly acceptable action for someone who wants to run for Congress. Good Lord help this country for we’re in big trouble.