Lord Help Us! Harris Decides to Deal with Border Her Way

Joe Biden is weak. He couldn’t deal with the border crisis on his own, so he has given the task to Kamala Harris. This shouldn’t be the problem of the VP, yet it is.

Now, a good VP is going to carry out the plans as outlined by the president.

However, Kamala Harris is about to prove just how liberal she really is. Forget about closing the border down to prevent migrants from entering the country. She’s about to open the flood gates.

Biden told Harris to work with Mexican and Central American governments so that migrants were forcibly blocked from entering the U.S. He specifically stated that there would be enhanced migration enforcement at their borders.

What Biden said and what Harris heard are two entirely different things. Symone Sanders, the press secretary for Harris, has said that “the president asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic effort.”

Wait, diplomatic effort? That’s not what Biden actually requested.  It’s as if Harris has decided that she’ll do what she wants without even consulting the president – or the millions of Americans who have said that they don’t want migrants to be caught and released into the U.S.

There needs to be a lot more done than just taking on a diplomatic effort. She has to make it clear that illegal immigration is actually illegal – and that the U.S. will do something about it.

As Ken Cuccinelli, the deputy homeland security chief that served under President Trump said, “I cannot ever remember seeing this happen before.” He claims that Harris is avoiding the enforcement of illegal immigration. It points to the fact that she and the rest of the liberals on Capitol Hill actually want illegal aliens entering the country.

Why? Why the push to open the flood gates?

It’s all part of the master plan of liberals. Allow the illegal immigrants in, offer them amnesty, and register them to vote. Once they vote, they’ll vote Democrat, ensuring that Democrats gain full control of the country so that we can be the socialist country they all want us to be.

Biden couldn’t have been clearer about what he wanted to see happen. He said that it’s “our responsibility” to deal with the migrants humanely and to stop what’s currently happening.

He mentioned leading a diplomatic effort, but there’s more to it than that. We need to stop the migration. The U.S. cannot and should not allow all of the migrants to enter let alone be given amnesty. The economy cannot support such a thing. And American homeless should be given hotel rooms before migrants crossing the borders illegally.

Harris has been given the keys to the kingdom. Biden said that he trusts his VP and that she doesn’t need to check with him on all that she does.

Kamala Harris has been making calls, but her press secretary has said that there are no plans to travel to the border or to any of the countries where the migrants are traveling from. Harris is assuming that she can do everything over the phone – and if it were that simple, Biden could have tasked anyone with dealing with it.

There were anti-migration treaties in place during the Trump administration. Biden got rid of those within hours of taking office. The “Remain in Mexico” program was canceled along with the treaties made with Central American countries.

As a result, migration is out of control.

Does Kamala Harris realize that she already has a blueprint in place to fix the problem? Just do as Trump did – and re-execute those programs and treaties.

Oh, no. That won’t do at all.

To do that would mean that millions of migrants can’t enter the country. And the cartels wouldn’t be able to make money off of the incredible job of human smuggling.

Kamala Harris is looking to make the problem worse, not better. And Biden just gave her permission to do what she thinks is best.