Jobs are Open, Stop Handing Out Money

Oh, no! So many people are without jobs. The pandemic has made it so that people are unable to work. We have to help our poor, suffering Americans.

The liberal dialogue has many convinced that it’s the responsibility of the federal government to hand out money as though it’s candy. As a result, trillions of dollars were earmarked for a relief bill. It handed out checks to millions of Americans and extended unemployment benefits.

Guess what? There are plenty of jobs open…over 7 million of them.

The reality is that there are plenty of jobs to be had. The Department of Labor has offered up this morsel of truth. In February alone, 7.4 million jobs were posted by employers across the United States.

The liberals have to stop treating Americans as though they’re helpless. Instead of giving everyone free money, it’s time to encourage people to get a job.

It’s easier to sit at home and collect unemployment than it is to get out there and apply for a job. Meanwhile, the liberals would love to argue that not everyone can get a job. Black and Hispanic communities are struggling to gain full-time work.

What is the excuse? When there are millions of jobs that are open across virtually every industry, it shows that there’s a job for many. However, people have to WANT the job. They have to WANT to gain full-time employment.

States are open. Businesses are open. And they’re hiring – particularly in the leisure and hospitality industries. Construction hiring is rising and so is manufacturing.

All it takes is a person to apply. Many jobs will even provide training in order to help a person gain employment.

Wait, this goes against everything that the Democratic Party has worked toward. They enjoy handing out money. They enjoy extending unemployment benefits. It’s the only way that they can guarantee more votes the next time they’re up for election.

By lying to Americans to say that there are no job opportunities, people stop looking for jobs. They grow dependent on the government. And that’s where the liberals stand with open arms. Come, we’ll provide for you. Just keep voting for us so that we can slowly destroy America and all of its wholesome values.

With the Department of Labor providing the new statistics of job openings, it shows that the economy is bouncing back. Even with cold and frozen conditions in some areas, businesses were still opening and looking to hire.

Businesses in every state have identified that they’re short-staffed. Restaurants have been waving their hands to say that they have job openings.

The problem is that the liberals have weakened the American work ethic.

Why get dressed and work 40 hours a week when the government will continue to offer unemployment benefits? There’s no longer an incentive for people to go out and seek employment.

Combine the lack of incentive with the universal basic income tests happening across California and it sends the wrong message. There are actually cities and counties in California testing UBI by giving people of color $500 to $1,000 a month in free money to “test” how it will impact their lives as a whole.

Here’s how it ends: Those cities and counties waste their money. It takes desire to change, not just money.

Many of the people who have qualified for the third round of stimulus money have spent it on frivolous supplies. Why put it into a savings account when there’s a sale on flat-screen TVs?

It’s time to get real. There are plenty of jobs open around the country. Stop giving away taxpayer dollars and force people to apply themselves. Democrats need to stop handing out the money as a way to guarantee they stay in power. Someone has to fill these open job positions or it’s only a matter of time before the economy collapses due to the laziness of liberals.