Beyond Sick: China Tries Coverup Genocide With Uyghur Musical

Let’s cut to the chase: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a deeply sick and demented political body.

Perhaps a cause of this sickness is the cold-blooded decision-making of a vast bureaucracy — i.e., communism — which could be replicated in any country around the world at scale, but the Han Chinese seem to have a particular penchant for committing the most abhorrent atrocities against any minority in the name of Xi Xinping’s “thoughts,” or whatever crap du jour the CCP is shoveling into the mouths of the jingoistic masses (at a certain point, the Chinese people themselves are ALSO fully to blame for their complicity).

There is an old adage in advertising: when you have nothing to say, sing it. Or in China’s case, put on a musical to cover up genocide.

The backstory is that China is presently committing mass genocide of its ethnic Uyghur population in the Western Chinese province of Xinjiang. The CCP’s campaign against the Uyghurs is an unspeakable combination of the WWII Holocaust and slavery in the antebellum U.S. South.

The CCP has forcibly rounded up and imprisoned in mass concentration camps over ONE MILLION Uyghurs, as Chinese authorities conscript their Uyghur prisoners into slave labor and exterminate the Uyghur population through forced sterilization.


Among the companies that are profiting off this slave labor are some of America’s “wokest” corporations, including Nike, Apple, and Amazon.

Colin Kaepernick has a lot of kneeling to do.

Meanwhile, Apple and its CEO Tim Cook continue to feast on blood money as they pay lip service to “human rights.” Apple literally lobbied Congress to water down a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China, which would hold U.S. companies accountable for using Uighur slave labor.

If Tim Cook says one more damn thing about human rights someone needs to punch him in the mouth.

(In other news, Major League Baseball, which just signed a new deal with the Chinese government, moved the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia, under protest of the state government’s new voting laws (which the MLB commissioner admits he never even read before making the move), to Colorado — but where are these frauds on protesting China’s insane human rights abuses?)

In the tradition of bald-faced lies that is the signature of the CCP — and that, at times, even puts the Kremlin’s reality-distortion field to shame — the Chinese communists have commissioned a musical in an attempt to repaint reality and coverup their Uyghur genocide.

The state-produced musical film titled “The Wings of Songs” debuted in China on March 28 to the apparently brainless and/or pathetic and/or bought off Chinese masses (again, who are more and more complicit in their government’s atrocities).

The musical was inspired by the — wait for it — 2016 Hollywood film “La La Land,” according to the state-run Global Times tabloid. One strains to see any similarity.

“The notion that Uyghurs can sing and dance so, therefore, there is no genocide — that’s just not going to work,” Nury Turkel, an Uyghur-American lawyer told the paper. “Genocide can take place in any beautiful place.”

Last month the United States, the European Union, Britain, and Canada announced sanctions against two Chinese officials for “serious human rights abuses” against Uyghurs, while last week, the United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, said he is negotiating a visit with Beijing to Xinjiang to inspect the allegations of genocide.

Don’t worry, folks. The UN is on it! It totally won’t be a rigged investigation like the World Health Organization report on the origins of COVID-19!

China has denied the existence of its concentration camps, and the communist state media has attacked global companies such as clothing retailer H&M who have issued statements protesting the Uyghur genocide.

China can’t tap dance its way out of this.