Divide Grows Wide as Psaki Stereotypes All White People as Something They are Not

Biden’s administration does not have the slightest idea of what unity is about. His definition of unity means for people to obey what he tells them to do blindly. And if they fail to listen to his words, he is simply going to executive order them to do it regardless of what they think or believe.

Every time he tries to unify the country, he goes off and issues orders that alienated conservatives and causes harm to every person under the effects of what he changed. His Black Lives Matter groups and Antifa forces are in place as duck-blinders to help hide his racial push for inequality and reverse discrimination.

The nation has never been more fractured than what it is right now. Joe blow Biden promised that he would work with the people, but he conditioned that promise by telling them that they had to follow his lead. Leaders are not people that immediately deserve a following.

The right to lead must be earned through hard work and purposefully relationship building. Neither of which Biden is willing to do.

And if those character flaws were not enough to make people puke up their lunches, Biden also loves to stereotype people into neither fitting nor applicable mold. He believes that all white people are deep-sea fishermen inclined toward big cars and racing the dragstrip.

Biden has his people that also carry out his racial profiling. Jen Psaki was tasked with trying to get people to get their vaccines. She is finding that conservatives are not wanting to get the vaccine because they do not see the need to get something that they have already beaten naturally.

And not only is she trying to push people to get the vaccine, but she also wants them to keep placing diapers over their faces and separating themselves from human contact. The mixed message that the administration is pushing people to do is divisive and intrusive. And that is just not what people want to be pushed on them.

Psaki comes out onto the platform trying to sound like she really cares about people. Her premise is that all white males reject the vaccine because Biden is the one pushing it on people. Her premise is flawed from the start because there are millions of white males that have already been vaccinated.

The truth is that those that do not want it, see no reason to sacrifice their freedom to choose over something that no longer is a threat to them.

In Psaki’s mind, those white conservatives are the reason why Biden is struggling in the White House to unify people. She does not see that it is his actions as a president that are pushing people away.

And now that she has stereotyped people into a hateful group, she has lost all respect that they may have had.

Psaki stated that “Often people think of that as just black and brown communities and that is not. As you’ve noted, also conservative communities, white evangelicals. It’s a range of communities around the country. We’ve run PSAs on the Deadliest Catch, we’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV.”

Every white male sits around watching NASCAR and dancing to country music. Her words mean that white is dumb and cannot understand their choice to decline the vaccine. At some point, Biden is going to have to make a choice. He will have to stop trying to force people or try to make them take a shot that no one wants.

Joe Biden is a man that wants to force people into compliance. He cannot use force because it is illegal to force people to do things against their choice in America. But given a chance, he would love to use force to make himself a dictator.

Donald Trump understood that the president works for the people and does not have the right to force people to work for him. America stands as a nation of freedom and ensures that certain rights are protected for its people. The Democrats want to strip those rights away so Biden can force the country into compliance with his rules.